Never say…

In college, I never thought I’d join facebook. After months of telling friends, “No, it’s not for me,” I caved one night Sophomore year in a friend’s dorm, two halls down from mine, and soon became addicted…to the point where I had to give myself facebook “time-outs.” I’ve read blogs and read about people who blog, but always felt it was too much like handing over the key to my diary for the world to see.
Yet here I am, sitting on my stability ball typing away at my new blog, as if people actually care to know the thoughts of a MN boomerang kid. Ridiculous. Though I have clearly let my internet/tech boundaries slip, ones I will never (and I mean NEVER) let slip…
MySpace – have you seen the Dateline specials?
Twitter – I doubt people really care to know when I blink or that I decided to put peanut butter on my bagel instead of strawberry jam
Electronic books (Sony, Kindle, etc.) – the whole point of a “page-turner” is to turn the page
robotic vacuums – knowing me I’d trip over the thing and end up in the hospital. Besides, it’s a good work out to push the vacuum around.
Random list, I know.

Since I’m new to the blogging world and loathe annoying “sign offs” where people’s attempts at cleverness inevitably fail, and how could I possibly compete with the genius brains behind “XOXO Gossip Girl,” or Hilary Duff’s teen-angst-filled-set-my-mom-up character in “The Perfect Man” (I can’t completely rip on that movie since I am oddly drawn to it and dare I say, like it), I’ll most likely avoid any formal farewells and subsequent criticisms, which I obviously don’t hesitate passing on others.
For now, I’ll just end these blogs when I want to end them. No long or over-stay-your-welcome Minnesota goodbyes for this “blogger.” Ugh…facebooker now blogger…


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