2010 Winter Olympics – Vancouver

My favorite event is just around the corner. Of course I’m excited for Christmas – that’s a big DUH. I’m SUPER excited about the Winter Olympics in Vancouver! I love the Olympics. It’s interesting to look back over other Olympic years that I’ve been alive during. I remember where I was sitting when the Women’s Gymnastics team took gold in Atlanta (I was nursing a bruise on my bottom from trying to do a “floor” routine on my basement floor…). I remember begging my mom to let me stay up to watch the games in Nagano. Not always successful. My fr. year of college, my roommate and I would wake up for our eight am classes and turn on the news to get the latest medal counts. Sophomore year during the winter games, the girls in my hall would gather in my RA’s room for study breaks – we even got into a huge argument/debate over who was the best female figure skater. If my memory serves me, there was quite a bit of tension!

Though they only occur every four years, the Olympics have defined specific eras in my life. I can hardly contain myself as I wait for the Vancouver games to begin – curling, figure skating, hockey, snow boarding, luge, and bobsled are my favorites! While friends (facebook and otherwise) are counting down the days until their weddings, birth of their first kid, etc. I will be counting down the days (66!) until VANCOUVER when I can watch some of sports greatest moments and remember them forever!


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