I just discovered Pandora. Both of them.
Radio. Jewelery. I’m set.
The concept of letting people create their own radio stations is genius. Don’t get me wrong, I still am a huge iTunes lover, though my iHome is looking lonely right now… Still, there’s something magical about being able to choose an artist and have a whole station devoted to those types of songs. Head held high, I’ll admit, I created an entire radio station revolving around Justin Bieber. Judge if you like. The ability to click on an annoying, overplayed song and ask that it not pop up again for one month is an idea I can cheer on. Clearly, I am infatuated with this new wave of internet radio.
Though not a big jewelery wearer, case in point, my sister saw my jewelery “collection” and asked, “is that the totality of your jewelery?,” I genuinely like Pandora. I asked for a charm bracelet for Christmas because necklaces are not my deal and earrings hurt my ears (glad I out grew the stage of wanting to double and triple pierce both ears as well as my upper ear cartilage). When I picked out my charms for my bracelet at Pandora’s newest MN store location, I was really impressed with their selection. I debated putting a snake charm on my bracelet (due to my time spent working in a nature center handling two corn snakes), but it looked a little silly on the bracelet next to the other charms I had already decided on.
Pandora’s box has been opened in my life allowing me to create things that are uniquely my own (or so I’d like to think – I’m sure there are plenty of twelve-year-old girls creating Justin Bieber stations on Pandora and other jewelery-wearing women selecting the same charms for their Pandora bracelet). Regardless, I am a fan of both.


One thought on “Pandora

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