More country music, please?

Some (meaning perfect strangers) may find it unusual that I am a country music fan. Don’t judge a book by its cover.

Ever since the beginning of high school (ten years ago. yikes), I have been a country music fan. Of course, I knew a bunch of toe-tapping choruses, but never proclaimed to actually like the stuff. Thanks to Rascal Flatts, I threw off any hesitations and jumped on board.

Why the sudden blog and endorsement for country music? As my last blog notes, I packed for a quick trip up north (more like central MN – real northern Minnesotans get offended when people refer to the area I was in as “up north”) where I was part of the world’s largest ice fishing tournament. Augers churned and drilled 20,000 holes. People from all over the world participated. Food vendors served yummy, greasy fried items. Men, women, and children of all shapes and sizes lugged their coolers, poles, and bait to their hole for the day. Strike Master jackets littered the ice. Trucks, ATV’s, and snowmobiles drove up and down the designated roads.
A local radio station did on-site broadcasting. That local station played loud, twangy country music. The catchy songs aided the volunteers (like myself)and die-hard ice fisherman in forgetting the fact that rain, sleet, and snow blew in our faces all morning. Though our so-called-water-proof winter jackets were soaked through (should have worn my rain jacket), we rocked out to the songs of our favorite country music artists. At one point, miserable from the moisture seeping through our layers, water slushing around our boots (it was warm enough that the top layer of snow had melted off the ice, making us wonder if we should have brought our life jackets), we heard the beginning strains of Tim McGraw’s “I like it, I love it.” Standing in standing water, cheering on kids as they played relay games (which I was officially timing with an underwater stop watch) I had to laugh as four of the people I was working with all belted out the “I WANT SOME MORE OF IT” part of the chorus; we all looked at one another smiling. We all liked what we were doing. We all loved the event we were serving. We all wanted more of it. More laughs. More smiles. More Minnesota. And of course, more country music.


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