The Winter Olympics

As I click away on my laptop, various NBC news personnel interview famous and soon-to-be famous athletes from across the USA. Speculations are being made. Athletes are geared up and ready to compete. And me? I’m beyond giddy with excitement.

Some sports make me laugh. Like Ice Dancing. Some sports make me cringe. Like Luge. Some sports make me smile. Like Ice Hockey.

More than just watching the events, one of my favorite parts of the Olympics is watching the real-life stories of athletes. Learning about their childhoods – realizing they are regular people – gives me a peek into what makes people tick. Regular kids, teens, and adults. All have experienced defeat. Life setbacks. And sweet, hard-fought success.

The images of beautiful winter landscapes in which photojournalists have so awesomely captured bring me to tears of thankfulness. Thankfulness that we live on such an incredible Earth with the privilege of experiencing winter to its fullest.


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