Exciting life?!

“Megan, your life is so exciting!!”
This was the comment I received from the eight-year-old girl I was nannying.
Though I laughed and told her that wasn’t true, months later, that simple complimentary comment continues to ring in my ears reminiscent of a Grandfather clock striking midnight.

Exciting? Huh, I never would have used that word to describe my life. Boring? Nah, it’s not exactly boring. Mundane? No, not really. Typical? Far from it. Hmmmm…maybe my life is exciting? Except, when I picture an “exciting” 24-year-old female’s life, I envision some high-heel-wearing woman living in New York City confidently attacking 5th Avenue – hailing cabs on her way to business meetings and dinner with friends. Or maybe a sneaker-blue-jean-back-pack-wearing girl traveling through amazing international cities snapping pics with her Nikon, worthy of National Geographic covers. Neither of those women depict who I am. Am I OK with that? Yeah. I am.

I used to be many things. I used to be more up-tight. I used to be a bigger worrier. I used to be rigid. I used to have everything planned out. I used to “bash” people who were college grads and didn’t know their path in life. I used to think I was better than that. Now, I’m the troop leader.

While I’m living my non-exciting life, I’m going to soak in every dripping-drop of every second like a Bounty paper-towel. Exciting is hiding in the corners of the monotony of life. I’m going to find it.


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