Sunday Drive

I took a drive in the country today. Absent was the voice of the borrowed GPS I had just returned to my dad. My Minnesota map was unreachable, tucked in the passenger side door compartment. Not that a map would help me too much – I’m not a mappy person!
I didn’t care. I was going for a drive. An adventure.
The sun was shining. Though winter, the roads were dry as a bone.
Before setting off on my little road trip, I filled up my tank.
Off I whizzed past fields and barns, up and down hills, round bends in the road; ignoring all signs.
Since I was truly on a Sunday drive, no agenda, no time schedule, I drove the posted speed limit. Good music on my radio, I opened my eyes to the beauty of MN.
I passed through towns I’d never seen before, noted destinations I wanted to return to someday, and kept driving.
I crossed the border. Wisconsin.
While on the MN side, the roads were ones I’d heard of and driven on portions of. But WI…I was clueless. At one point, I did get a little nervous…directionless setting in. Easily I could have pulled off and grabbed a WI map. AAA would rescue me if any form of car trouble came my way. If I was truly lost, I would stop, call 911, and declare myself a missing person.
I turned east (according to my inner-compass). I knew I needed to get to Hudson and then I could get back to Stillwater…I followed the yellow brick road. I noted, as I drove, the letters on WI’s county roads.
No offense Wisconsin, but you got the shaft end of the stick when it comes to the letters of your county roads. MN’s got normal ones like – B, C, E, etc. Whoever gave you I, X, V, VV, etc. was like a parent thinking it’s cool to name their child Apple or Horatio but not looking ahead to the fact that the child has to live with the name.
Navigating the loser letters, I ended up on VV…I looked at the sign as if it was an upper case V with a lower case v and the two combined would bring me to the regular county road V…It worked.
Crossing over the river once again, I was back in MN, thankful for my Sunday drive.


3 thoughts on “Sunday Drive

  1. Your drive sounds great! I just got back from a week in Colorado and suddenly Los Angeles feels so… I dunno. Congested. Tight. Crowded. Longing for some open road!

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