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In October, I lost my four+ year-old Fossil sunglasses. Too cheap to buy a new pair on the spot, I survived without for four months. Snow + sun = major glare in MN. But I squinted through the pain, praying that my eyes were not suffering from major physical damage.

Running errands a few Saturday’s ago, I stopped in Herberger’s in Stillwater, MN to stock up on Clinique moisturizer and pick up my bonus gift. Entering the front doors, I noticed kids selling coupon books. Not kids – boys – teenage boys.
The last few times I’d been in Herberger’s when groups were selling coupon books, I would give them a polite, “No, I’m not interested,” before hustling past.
For some reason, I stopped long enough to hear the kid’s spiel. He told me he was selling coupons for Community Days with proceeds benefiting the Stillwater Bantam’s.
Oh crap, I though to myself. How could I say no to him? It’s easier to pass up the gymnasts, dance liners, and cheerleaders, but a hockey player? I couldn’t say no.
I grabbed a $10 bill from my wallet and purchased a $5 Community Coupon book, not quite sure what I’d even do with all the coupons. All I knew was that it was my Minnesota responsibility to support him and his Bantam teammates. Wishing him good luck on the rest of his season, I found my way to the Clinique counter for my moisturizer and bonus. Then I wandered over to check out their new spring selection of Fossil sunglasses. A light bulb flashed inside my head – I would use one of the coupons to buy sunglasses.

February 27 – today – I once again headed out to Herberger’s. At the front door, in a last-minute fund-raising effort stood a local group of cheerleaders. “Sorry, I already have a coupon book,” I informed a cheerleader and thought to myself, “and I am sorry to admit, but I would not support cheerleaders even if I didn’t already have a book…” As harsh as that sounds, it’s true…Thus, if you or your child or grandchild or nice or nephew play the following sports, I will purchase raffle tickets, candy bars, wrapping paper, coupon books, pizza, and other items from them:
I’ll consider supporting
4.Track and Field

Thanks to the one-lousy coupon I used today, I saved $21 on my Fossil sunglasses and I feel good knowing I possibly supported the next Ryan Miller, Erik Johnson, or Zach Parise. Go Stillwater Bantam’s! I mean, Go USA!


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