A twin?

With Twins baseball season upon us (April 8?), I wish to tip my Gopher hockey baseball hat to twins…sort of…not really…but kind of…
Certainly not the Twins, because it’s still hockey season and I can’t wrap my mind around baseball until the college hockey season is finalized in Detroit and the NHL playoffs and Stanley Cup and NHL Draft are complete…! So if it’s not about the Twins…why the post? Because life is crazy-busy and more than once I have wished I had a twin…two of me…so I could accomplish every ding-dong thing I have to do! I mean, how many of us have wished at some point in our lifetime that we had a twin to blame things on, someone to take our place when we didn’t want to take a test or give a speech, someone to be our stunt man/woman or confront the playground bully on our behalf…someone to be the DH?
Well, I guess this is my ode to twins…

October or November 1997.
Cousin “B” (I’m realizing the amount of posts revolving around him…my apologies?) was in town with his mom and dad, playing in a fall game at the Super Rink. Before dinner, Cousin “B” and I shot some hoops on my backyard basketball court (basketball is not an aptitude either one of us posses).
He showed off his new hockey stick on the driveway, admiring it, handling it like a seasoned pro; excited to play later that night.

Dinner – the rest of us ate while Cousin “B” watched.

Game – the rest of us watched while Cousin “B” played.

Waiting in the Super Rink lobby after the game, parents and players milling about, some excited, some dejected; we kept an eye out for Cousin “B.” Chatting amongst ourselves, we were minding our own business when a man, some kid’s dad, called out my uncle’s name. He called it out as if they were best friends, as if they hunted and fished together, as if they wrote one another into their wills.

Turning toward this apparent friend, my uncle had a how-do-I-know-this-man expression written all over his face, wondering if he was the father of one of Cousin “B’s” teammates or opponents, a father he’d bumped elbows with at other rinks and tournaments around the state.

Only one way to find out.

“Hi…do I know you?” Uncle asked, as the rest of us, still waiting for Cousin “B” to arrive, waited for the answer.
“Well,” the excited man answered, “we were in the war together!”
He repeated my uncle’s name again – full name – as if he couldn’t believe he’d found his long-lost friend once again.
“That is my name.” Uncle admitted.
“I knew it was you!” More excitement poured out of this man over the news.
“War?” Uncle questioned.
“Yeah!! We were on kitchen duty.” The stranger clearly knew my uncle.
“Ummm, I wasn’t in any war.” Uncle clarified.
Never mind.
“What?! You weren’t?!?!” Now the guy was confused.
Join the club.
“Nope, not in any war.” Uncle assured.
“Well then there’s gotta be two of you walking around – a twin!” The man joked.
“I actually do have a twin brother…but he wasn’t in the war either…”Uncle stated.
“No way?! Wow!” Laughing, the guy shook my uncle’s hand and wished him well before heading out the door with his just-out-of-the-locker-room-son.

Bewildered, the rest of us stared at Uncle.
All of us agreed – that was hilarious.
Cousin “B” joined the group, just as Uncle exchanged one last goodbye with his best friend from the war that he wasn’t in.
Now it was Cousin “B’s” turn to be confused. Poor Cousin “B,” none of us even said congrats on a good game…just kept chatting about the oddity of what took place.
“What happened? Who was that guy?” Cousin “B” questioned.
“Your dad’s best friend!” We all joked.

What a twin story. How ironic is too ironic?

Twins. Identical. Fraternal. Minnesota. Non-existent.
By now, I know that everyone has wished at some time that they had a twin, a double, a stand-in. What random twin-like stories do you have?


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