Costco: a) a place people go to purchase items too large to fit in their kitchens;
b) a place people go to buy junk they don’t need, but at the time of purchasing have a laundry list of ways to use it.

Costco. Running a quick errand to Costco is an impossible task.
Opting out of grabbing a cart is definitely a wrong move.
Thinking you can spend under $50 is ridiculous.
Hoping you have room in the freezer, fridge, and family room is a guarantee.

Costco. With my mom and sister, I ran in to the warehouse store on the weekend to buy some Easter food items. On our list: milk, stuff for my sister to take to back to college, and rolls to use for left-over Easter ham and cheese sandwiches.
All the purchases – necessary.

Without a cart (wrong move), we maneuvered through the crowds.
Past the electronics, jewelery, flowers, and just before the clothes, I spotted it. It was hard to miss. A spotlight shone down from heaven on it.

I stopped. Right in the middle of the store. I stared.
“Oh, LOOK!” I said, sounding like a five-year-old rather than an almost-25-year-old.
Memories my brain hasn’t accessed in years were found deep in my childhood archives – right next to kiddie pools and bike rides, right before lemonade stands and sidewalk chalk, right there…it was…the neighbor boy’s backyard…summer days…


How did Costco know I wanted it? How did they know I needed it? How did they know it was my favorite thing to do so many years ago? How could I convince my mom to buy it?
Buy it? Really, Megan? Where the stink would I put tetherball?!?!?
Get real.

There I continued to stand. Staring at the box and display. Wishing that I could start a game of tetherball right there in the middle of the aisle. Others would join in. They’d want to play.

“Why would you want tetherball?” My sister’s voice interrupted my pleasant tetherball memories.

“Because…I used to play it…with Alex…and…and…and…I want it.” Yeah, I’m mature.

Walking away from the oh-so-glorious tetherball on sale at Costco for only $89.99, I have $89.99,I could buy it…I said Bye bye, tetherball. Bye bye childhood memories.

Costco. We left that day with our milk, frozen food items for my sister, rolls, and other gigantic food items which barley fit in the fridge.

Costco: a) a place people go to glimpse into their past and remember all the wonderful memories of childhood with neighbors of old playing tetherball.
b) a place people go to say goodbye to a piece of their past that can never be experienced the same way again.


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