Beware of dogs

I spoke too soon. Today on my morning run, minding my own business, rocking out to my iPod…it happened.

I saw it coming. A guy putting something in his car. A black lab at his heels…and then at my heels. Shot off across the yard before the owner noticed. Instead of screaming and crying, which I thought was inappropriate for someone my age, I let the dog lick my legs and attempted to act normal…I even patted him on the head. The owner ran over and chastised the dog, apologizing on behalf of his puppy.
“That’s ok.”
No harm was done.

Not too seconds after that house there were two ladies walking their dogs. The dogs barked out hello’s to me and the black lab behind me. I also think they were laughing at me for thinking I could continue running in these parts without running into dogs. Silly me.


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