Ready to RUN

Running. I loathed running. Now I love running. Not hardcore. Won’t be entering Grandma’s Marathon or anything. But everyday – since the weather warmed and the ice melted and the need for seven layers is no longer necessary – I have been running three or more times a week. Morning, afternoon, early evening – it’s number one on my daily “TO DO” list – like eating, brushing my teeth, and peeing.
Something I have to do. Something I need to do. Something I want to do.

Couch potato is not how I’d describe myself. Although I do like sitting on couches watching the NHL Playoffs. Don’t worry, I won’t go through my list of teams I want to win. Unless there’s a huge demand. I doubt it. Where was I?
Couch potato. Right. Nope – not me – I like being active. I just never enjoyed running. I forced myself to do it – to be healthy, to look cool (though I’m sure I run like a dilapidated duck), and to keep up my cardio. Now?! Oh, I can’t wait to put on my New Balance running shoes, throw on a baseball cap (yes, I know they don’t really protect you from the sun), strap on my Incase – plug into my iPod, and hit the road.

Thankfully my runs have not involved any run-ins with dogs. I think I want a dog someday, but random dogs running at you barking in neighbor’s yards is not pleasant. Believe me. I once suffered a traumatic biking experience that involved me being carted through neighbor’s yards by an older cousin when I was barely free of training wheels. I jumped off my bike, screamed and cried in the middle of the road, and thought the dog was going to eat me. It didn’t.

Running makes me feel more connected with my neighborhood (“it’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood….”). I notice the houses for sale, the houses sold, the houses still for sale. I see kids outside playing, families out enjoying the balmy spring weather in MN, and I think that’s why I like running.
Physical exertion is great. The health benefits are wonderful. “Me time” is nice. Seeing the world around me jumping with activity is what makes it (the I’ve-gotta-slow-down-I’m-sucking-too-much-wind-my-leg-is-cramping moments)all worth while.

I’m ready to run.
Are you?


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