Is it Christmas yet? Because I need new socks.

Nike socks = holes
K.Bell socks = cute, but not practical
Tommy Hilfigher socks = they’re Tommy Hilfigher – pretty much dates them right there
Champion socks = almost-holes

Socks. I need them. My drawer is looking pretty pathetic.

So I ask,Is it Christmas yet? Because I need new socks.

I’m perfectly capable of purchasing new ones. It is a necessity. Unlike other clothing purchases of late. But I hate buying them.

All of those Christmases when I would roll my eyes at my parents for buying socks and underwear. Sorry, mom and dad.

Guess I’m buying socks this week. I’m sort of dreading it. Agonizing over what socks to buy – the colors, the cut (low-mid-or-high), the brand, how many per pack, etc. When did buying socks become so complicated? Don’t even get me started on how I also need to purchase new underwear. I’m embarrassed to admit that I found some in my drawer last week…from when I was in…7th/8th grade…in perfect shape…and I probably stopped wearing them sometime during college. That’s just sad. Shows how much I hate attending to my underwear needs.

“Socks” to be me.


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