Embracing the rain

Rain. This week’s forecast is cold and damp. Minnesota teased us with an unusually warm March and April. We should have known it was too good to be true when there was not one flake of snow in the month of March.

Rain. Thanks to my rain jacket, purchased fall 2009, I can brave the elements with confidence. Cold showers do not penetrate the Gore-Tex-proofed jacket I spent mega bucks on. But, I consider the purchase a long-term investment. No umbrella is necessary since my rain jacket goes above and beyond the call of duty to keep me toasty and dry. As for my feet, slopping through puddles of rain does put a damper on things. Thus, I hunted down a pair of boots the other day and thanks to the speediness of Zappos.com, I have my new rain boots. Red. Shiny. Rubbery. Tall. A kids size 5. And I think they fit. I’m not sure. They’re a little big? But not if I had the liner…or tall socks. Hmmmmm. I do like the looks of them, so now it’s a matter of whether or not they really do fit. They are comfortable. And look oh-so-cute. They’ll compliment my rain jacket perfectly. I’ll be all set for the rain this week and in the weeks to come.

But jackets and boots aside, there are other storms brewing in which those items, no matter how water-resistant, will not provide proper protection. Because sometimes it rains during seasons of our lives. It can be slow and steady – like a drippy faucet no one has repaired. Or fast and hard like a driving down pour destroying everything it hits. Unlike rain falling from the sky, predicted by the human eye, the rain in our lives is not always easily spotted. The sky may be blue, the sun may be shining – but rain is falling. A soft, warm rain accompanied by a rainbow and happy thoughts. Other times, often times, the rain comes in shifts – allowing us a break in the clouds to catch our breath. Then there are the times when the rain appears and no one is ready. Everyone panics. Weathermen/women cannot tell us when it will subside – when light will return. In those times the only thing to do is to wait out the storm. To sit quietly and listen to the storm’s story – the message it is sending to those who are caught in its path. Because when the rain stops and the sun shines and the victim of the storm emerges, he/she will be a new person, a rain-changed individual ready to face the next expected or unexpected thunderstorm of life. Those are the storms that make us stronger and teach us to wait. To listen. To trust. The rain will end. The sun will shine. And life won’t always feel damp and cold.

So I’m embracing the rain. This week’s showers – my rain jacket and possibly my rain boots will shield me from the winds and rain. And I’m embracing life’s thunderstorms – the most challenging and rewarding storms to roll through.

Rain on. Rain on. I’ll be ready.


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