Capitol City (why yes, I am stealing a Matt Wertz song title)

MN Dept. of Transportation’s website might as well have one gigantic construction cone covering all of Minneapolis and St. Paul.
June stands for construction.
July stands for detours.
August stands for delays.
Welcome to summer in the Twin Cities.

With such a chip on my shoulder, I borrowed my dad’s nav. and angrily suctioned it onto my windshield. I did not want to drive to St. Paul. But I had to. So I did.

Well aware of the road work on 35W S, I anticipated a horrible amount of traffic. I’ve been known to be wrong before.
Merging onto 280, I wondered what lay ahead.
The radio told me that 94E was slow. Crud. I did not want to be late. There was no room for error.
I excited right before the slow down on 94E. Phew.
Marian (speaking of Marian…Hossa that is…what a series he is having, eh?) to Kellogg. I turned right onto Kellogg.

And my harsh words and annoyance with Minnesota roads softened. Despite my lack of enthusiasm and support of the MN Wild (see earlier posts), the sight of the X reminded me why this town, this city (stealing O.A.R. lyrics here), represent the heart of Minnesota. The heart of hockey.
I smiled even bigger when I read the scrolling sign outside the X reminding me that this town, this city will play host to the 2011 NCAA Men’s Frozen Four AND the 2011 NHL Entry Draft. How excited is Megan? I just referred to myself in the third person – that’s telling.

But the X was not my final destination – or even a destination – on my trip to St. Paul. I continued on Kellogg, past the glorious X, past the River Center, past the Science Museum, and turned right onto Wabasha – over the bridge. The nav. told me I had arrived. I sat in a building. A rather boring room. And I lost the glow I felt from the sight of the X. Ho hum, I sat not feeling too excited about this town, this city. Debbie Downer kicked in again. Then. A suggestion was made. And I liked the suggestion.

The suggestion landed me on Raspberry Island (right next to Harriet Island). Sadly, I’d never been to either. Now, I plan on returning to both.

I’ve been hard on this town, this city, as of late. I’ve been mesmerized by other towns, other cities, other crowds.

Tonight I was mesmerized by my own town, my own city. The Mississippi was peaceful. Minus the strong currents, so be careful not to fall in. Although there was a very sturdy looking homemade Huck Finn-ish raft contraption sitting by the water if one needed to cruise the Mississippi.

Thankfully, humidity was not present and mosquitoes were not buzzing in my ears.

Raspberry Island may be small, it may not have the views, the oohs and ahhs of Navy Pier or the Hudson, but it has views of this town, this city.

A capitol night in my Capitol City.


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