Ace of Base: The Sign

Ace of Base claims “the sign” opened up their eyes (her eyes? How many people were in that group? It was a group, right?).
But can a sign truly hold such power?

I’m not a “sign” person.
I don’t typically seek signs out.
Signs find me. Not the other way around.
See, I don’t believe in signs.
Unless I see them.

Loop holes abound in my theories on “signs.”
I tire-swing from one side to the other on the topic of signs – round and round – sending me into a dizzy-tizzy world.

Here’s the deal, when a big life decision collides with my path, I wrestle for quite some time over my options. Seek out expert advice. Consult books and research materials. Pray. Draft pro/con lists until I go cross-eyed.
But such things cannot resolve every issue.
Because when those things “fail” and I’m knocked to the ground in confusion, I do what I deem necessary.

I ask for a sign.
And if you “give a Moose a muffin, chances are he’ll ask for…”
That’s how I approach signs. Always have. Probably always will.

After asking for a sign, it is common that the sign you asked for pertains to something “on your mind.” Quite an obvious point, but one that needed to be addressed before any further rhetoric on “signs” can take place.
See, in my opinion, our awareness level is heightened toward the specific *John Doe, major/minor, career path, moving to Timbuktu, eating a muffin instead of a cookie, turning left instead of right, wearing red instead of black, etc. So are we really seeing a “sign,” or is it that our minds are merely exposed to something or someone and our neurons, axons, synapses, and other brain-related development pieces are “remembering” an image, a name, a location, etc. and more readily accessing it making us think it is a sign when really it is just our brain doing what it is supposed to do – accessing previous memories and adding them to our storehouse of knowledge?
(I received A’s in every psychology/development course I took in undergrad…but I’m not sure if what I wrote makes any sense whatsoever or would score any points on a college exam/term paper, so don’t plagiarize because chances are it won’t help).

I mean, as a teen crushing on some Abercrombie-braces-mouthed-blonde-hair-tipped-Doc-Marten-wearing boy named John Doe, suddenly his name was everywhere and anywhere I went. Choosing majors/minors and switching them a few times during college – the process required pro/con lists and meetings with advisors, but it boiled down to signs – things friends and professors told me, things I read in textbooks, things I saw walking around campus, things I heard in a song…
Movies and books I’ve enjoyed for countless years pique my interest more when I “hear” something in a way I’ve never heard it before – the mention of a name, a place, a fact, a fiction – and in that instant of watching my favorite movie or reading my favorite book – I see it – a sign.
It takes on new meaning. It makes me wonder.
Could that be the sign I’ve been looking for?

Show me one sign and I am curious.
Show me two signs and I’m interested.
Show me three signs and I’m about to sign on the dotted line.
Show me four signs and you might as well set it in stone.

So, I’ve seen some signs lately. I’ve looked for a few. Most have fallen into my lap – taken me completely off guard.
But how do we know? How does one truly know if it is a sign or just some sort of mind game? How do we throw off any fears and doubts and take the sign at face value?

Trivial as these things may seem, to the naked eye, one not in need of a sign, these questions may come across as idiotic and juvenile.
But admit it, at the root of our decisions is a sign.
Something that pushed us. Something that proved to us what was right and what was wrong. Something that told us to step forward or step back.
It all starts with…

A sign…

A book.
A movie.
A friend’s suggestion.
A parent’s guidance.
A sibling’s observation.
A co-workers story.
A newspaper article.
A TV commercial.
A poster.
A song on an iPod.
A store window at the mall.
An old “note to self.”
A note in the mail.
A random e-mail.
A facebook post.

Valid signs that surround us on a daily basis.
Confusion not planning on departing any time soon, I continue to “seek and see signs.”
Signs continue to find me. I continue to doubt signs.
Through it all though, I know it will work out and just like Ace of Base, I’ll see “the sign” and it will “open up my eyes.”


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