High Maintenance Life

Clarifying your confusion, no, I am not high maintenance – not when you think of high maintenance women and guys. In that sense, I am not, by any stretch of the imagination, high maintenance.

I don’t get manicures. I clip my nails short one day and shorter the next. I have two hair styles I know how to do – down and up – nothing fancy, either. I honestly still fit into and wear (not necessarily in public) clothes from middle school. I have “go to” shoes and clothes that are low-key and machine washable. I am currently wearing the only earring set I haven’t lost the backs or mates to — my birth stone studs from the day I got my ears pierced (7th birthday?). I wear very, and I mean very, little make up. I don’t use a lot of hair products. I don’t require Caribou Coffee drinks (honestly, I don’t touch the stuff). I look forward to one sale every year and it involves children’s books. I prefer to spend my weekends at home – bumming around, reading a book, and watching hockey games — and I’m perfectly fine doing these things alone.

Low maintenance. That’s how I prefer to live. Priding myself on such a lifestyle, I realized recently that though I am low-maintenance in most areas of my life, there are quite a few areas that are hard to keep up with. Areas that I struggle to maintain on a daily, weekly, monthly basis.

This blog post is an example of something in my life that requires maintenance. My facebook status sometimes requires updating, though I have shied away from notifying the world of my every move. Right now, there are piles and files sitting on my desk waiting to be organized. My iPod needs syncing – there are new songs to purchase and old ones to take off my playlists. Room decor requires some updating. Health wise, I am in need of some checkups. My calendar needs some re-organizing. E-mails keep me busy as I sort them into personal, urgent, junk, reply ASAP, etc. Balancing my checkbook has been on my list for weeks (sad, I know). The car I drive and have driven since high school requires some “typical” repairs and replacements. Documents on my computer need some attention. Digital photos need to be edited and ordered. The tan I wish I had needs attention before it completely fades away. A run, a bike ride, and some “lifting,” absolutely must happen to maintain physical strength. Heck, even my “To Do” list, “Books to read” list, “Target” list, and “people to call/e-mail” list need updating.

All of these updates are exhausting. I feel like I’m being down-loaded and not up-loaded by all of it. I can’t keep up. And yet, I have to keep up. Or else I’ll crash and burn.

Organizing and re-organizing. Polishing and shining. Creating and crafting. Updating and uploading. Editing and revising. Juggling and balancing.

Why do I do it? Why do I care?

I have no answers. I have no clue.

I just do it to maintain the lifestyle I have chosen.

No one is making me do these things.

So maybe I won’t do these things.

Maybe I will stop maintaining my non-high-high-maintenance life.


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