I’m talking!!!!

Mini-vanning it up today, I had to run a kid to the main sports activity of choice for this summer (last summer it was a different sport, next summer it may be another sport…). The little sibling was forced to tag along.

On the way home, maneuvering the popular momma-van back to the children’s house, the oldest child jabbered on and on. I asked questions. The kid answered and added lots of extra information. The conversation was interesting. The child was perfectly capable of filling me in on the upcoming events in the family’s life. I could hear the younger kid talking — yakking away — securely fastened into the car seat. Thinking nothing of it, the older child and I continued our conversation. Suddenly, the ear-piercing shriek of a child rose in the closed quarters and I heard, “I’M TALKING TO MEGAN!!!!!!” Stunned and attempting to hold my laughter in check, I glanced behind me at the face of the shocked older child.

“Whoa!” the kid commented

“Why did you scream?” I asked the screamer

“Megan, don’t you think that was rude?” the victim of the screaming attack asked me

“Yeah,” I responded

“That wasn’t a nice thing to say to your sibling,” I scolded

The child, who the second before had been screaming in my ears, argued the original point of wanting to talk to me. No longer screaming, the kid proceeded to ask a simple question based on something the older sibling had mentioned before we were rudely interrupted.

Though the child was “reprimanded” for the “outburst,” I almost hesitated before doling out any firm warnings against screaming for attention. Not because I think it is acceptable.

But there are times, recent times, when I have wanted to scream out, “I’M TALKING!”

Numerous settings I have found myself in where I want to let everyone know that I have something to say, something to ask, something to offer. Countless times I have wished I could yell above the buzz of everyone else and make people listen – make people see that what I have is more important. Thousands of instances I have refrained, instead letting myself get washed into the main stream – unnoticed.

Where did the gumption of a child go? The frustration that boils to the point of bursting – did I lose that with age? Society tells me it’s inappropriate and immature. Hollywood stories prove that it really doesn’t get you anywhere in the long run (hello, Lindsey Lohan, Britney Spears, and soon-to-be Miley Cyrus AKA “the next Britney Spears” according to Katy Perry at the Canadian Much Music Awards…ETC.). Why not? How come it doesn’t work? Who says we can’t shriek out our voice and demand answers – demand attention?

I’m not justifying the action of the child who screamed out for my attention today. I’m not saying we should be “allowed” to yell and interrupt. I’m just saying that sometimes I get it – I know the feeling – the desire to act in such a manner. And that’s why some day, some day soon, I may just follow suit. I may raise my voice and repeat the highly effective words of a child, “I’M TALKING!!”

How it is received, I can’t say. But I can speculate.

How it feels, I don’t know. But I don’t mind finding out.

How effective it is at attaining answers, I don’t know. But I want to know.

Even though I’m not yelling it at the top of my lungs, silently and in my own way, I am screaming out for the world to hear – “I’M TALKING!!!”


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