Saying no and letting go

I’m saying no. I’ve been doing it for a while now. In my time of updating and uploading, there are a few areas of my life where I have put my size six foot down.

Gym membership is not something I am letting go…seeing as I have never had one. As much as I enjoy working out and exercising, I just can’t justify spending the money to work out around other smelly, sweaty people. Or maybe I’m the only sweaty, smelly person. Plus, I had an “incident” with exercise equipment when I was in middle school which resulted in an ER visit and embarrassing re-enactments and constantly re-telling the “whoa! what happened to you?” story. Thus, my phobia of Nordic Tracks…

My magazine subscription — on the topic of health and fitness — is also not something I am renewing. Don’t worry, I’m not “letting myself go” in the physical department. I’m just finding new ways to exercise. I’ve discovered Exercise TV ON DEMAND (and some of those workouts are intense!) and am trying to be more resourceful without opening my wallet.

I received a free trial for another magazine just recently – one that I had once had a subscription to – one with many great things to say about the world, children, and education. But I didn’t fold. I didn’t say yes to the one year subscription for half the price.

Another magazine subscription is calling my name – begging me to sign up – to get the inside scoop and the great tips. But I’m saying no. Truly, I threw away the little post card replies (though I know that one click away on this keyboard…and I’d have a year’s subscription…).

I am not renewing my membership to a “council” that I was a “member” of. There’s no need to spend the money – besides I can get the information for free somewhere else and I don’t need five zillion more e-mails to keep up with.

I did not and will not renew another “group” membership that I was part of my junior and senior and first-year-out-of-college years. Prestigious as they make themselves out to be, there’s no point.

I have been asked and encouraged to join many groups, councils, organizations, etc. in recent months. Tempting, all of them are tempting. I like to be in the loop. I like to be part of something – connected and in community. That’s why it’s hard, killing me, to say no to some of these great things. Money wise, I tell myself I’m saving money – I can shunt the funds somewhere else. Yet, really, it is the one and only area in my life where I can say no; where I can say no and know that I am not letting other people down. I am not holding people back. I am not preventing people from moving forward.

Because it’s just me – I’m saying no and letting go of the things that clutter my time.


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