Sing alongs

iPod is synced. New tunes are playing. They are novelties today; overplayed radio hits – chart-topping songs. Next week there will be new songs – new artists. For now, these are my favorite tunes.

My iPod reminds me of the old days – the good days – when songs pulsed through my radio, my Walkman, my CD player, and my Discman. Those songs now seem so old – so silly. Those songs now hold memories. When one of those songs comes on the radio or pops up on my iPod or Pandora, I flashback to my childhood and teen days.

What songs am I referring to? Quite possibly songs you listened to back in the day – songs that you and your friends used to rock out to in your basement, in your car. Or maybe it’s just me – just songs that my friends and I listened to. They are songs that, for whatever reason, hold some form of meaning for me. The lyrics may be dumb, but the opening strains of the songs instantly take me back and I drift off into dreamland. I imagine where I was when the songs were played, what I was doing with friends, where we were driving.

Here, I’ll just list the songs. Judge away. I can’t believe I even listened to some of them. Then again, where would I be had I not listened to them? Had I not created the memories I have with them – the deep connection I feel to my childhood and teen years.

– Fantasy – Mariah Carey: elementary school years, my friend and I would listen to this song over and over again on her tape player and then record ourselves singing it.

– No Scrubs – TLC: a song that my friends and I loved singing – acting like we understood what they were talking about…

– Wannabe – Spice Girls: hanging out in my friend’s basement playing ping-pong and eating large quantities of food in late elementary school/middle school – and performing gymnastics routines on her floor mats.

– God Must Have Spent A Little More Time on You – ‘N Sync: my friends and I made up a dance routine – we practiced for hours.

– Love You Outloud – Rascal Flatts: I fondly remember riding in my friend’s car, windows down, senior year of high school, blasting this song on the radio, and singing in super annoying voices at the top of our lungs.

– Everywhere – Michelle Branch: I was obsessed with this song.

– Complicated – Avril Lavigne: I sang this song for two days straight on a school bus ride down to Atlanta, GA, the summer after tenth grade. Everyone on the bus hated me.

– The Sign – Ace of Base: I distinctly remember watching the Full House episode when Stephanie starts a girl band and thinks she can manage the band without Uncle Jesse – this was the song they attempted to practice and perform.

– I Want It That Way – Backstreet Boys: many sleepovers and hang-outs with friends were not complete unless this song was played.

– Back Here – BBMak: I listened to this CD, and only this CD, on a road-trip home from Florida.

– Mmmbop – Hanson: Who doesn’t have memories with this song?!

– Someday, Sarah – Dave Barnes: Junior year of college, my night class let out early, so my friend and I were able to attend the Dave Barnes concert (already in progress). We considered sneaking in, but decided since the ticket lady was still at the door, we should pay. We paid. And laughed so hard when Dave told hilarious stories about this song – about roller rinks and couple skates.

– Ready to Run – Dixie Chicks: Runaway Bride soundtrack – listened to it on my Walkman non-stop in 8th grade.

– Unbelievable – EMF: never-fail song on the radio growing up.

– Hero – Enrique Iglesias: senior year of high school – I went to a resort around Christmas time to celebrate a friend’s birthday with a bunch of girls. There were these WI boys there, around our age, and they walked around with a guitar singing Enrique Iglesias – except, they made up their own lyrics and we thought it was hilarious.

– With You – Jessica Simpson: Newlyweds. Senior year of high school. Chicken of the Sea. Buffalo. You remember.

– Heaven – DJ Sammy: Sophomore/junior year of high school this song was my fave. Every time it came on the radio, my friends and I would crank the volume and sing along.

– Colbie Caillat, Lifehouse, and Goo Goo Doll songs: State Fair Grand Stand concert August 2007. Great concert. Great friends. Great memories.

– Crazy for this girl – Evan & Jaron: Loved this song. I used to think it was so “romantic.”

– All Star – Smash Mouth: “in the shape of an L on her forehead.”

– Absolutely (Story of a Girl) – Nine Days: I sang this song 24/7. My friend’s cousin came to visit Minnesota (from CO) and after one night of hanging out – playing hide-and-seek in the woods at night and roasting marshmallows, the kid referred to me as “The Story of a Girl-girl.” Cool, huh? No, not so much.

— others with deep meaning behind them – lots of memories

— I don’t want to wait – Paula Cole

— Will You Be There – Michael Jackson: I loved Free Willy.

Hold On – Wilson Phillips: my Mariah Carey singing friend and I also loved this group.

— Two Princes – Spin Doctors

And many, many more sing along worthy songs.

So, was it just me and my friends? Or did you listen to these songs too? Do you still smile and turn up the volume when they come on the radio, your iPod, or Pandora?


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