Unofficial required reading

Books are taking over my life. That’s not a bad thing. It’s a good thing.

Lists rule how I accomplish tasks – what I do with my time. Book lists are scattered all over – on my desk, on my bookshelves, on my computer, on my cell phone, in my car, etc. I have titles swimming around my head, authors I want to check out.

I make unofficial required reading lists constantly – I’m always on the look-out for a new book. I hit up one sale, a must attend, every spring and load up on the latest and greatest, as well as old classics. I’ve had to steer my cart away from the book aisle at Target one too many times and avoid Barnes and Noble like the plague — I’ve failed at both. I have so many books sitting around – so many books to read that I can’t even fathom adding to my library. Yet, just last week I drove to the library in search of books – some non-fiction books – how-to-books and travel books (I’m taking a trip in August…). And of course, as always, I found “sale cart” books for .50 cents and $1.00 — they were must-buys. Too bad I can’t participate in the summer reading program at the library — a little too old for that.

How am I doing on my summer reading list? Pretty good, if I do say so myself. I’ve ripped through quite a few books already – I’m trying to keep up with at least one fiction/novel and one non-fiction at the same time. Kind of tough, but I enjoy the balance. And boy, do I need balance right now.

Sometimes it stresses me out – the amount of books I’ve “committed” to reading. Other times, it is the best escape – the least stressful activity in my life. Either way, without my unofficial required reading lists and mountains of books piled around my room, threatening to break my bookshelves, I’d go crazy!

What’s on your unofficial required reading list?


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