Sleepover Syndrome

Sleepover Syndrome

Sleepover. Slumber party. Overnight. Camp out.

They all mean the same thing: laughter. Uncontrollable silliness.

I’m no expert – I’m not a doctor, but I think this syndrome starts early – beginning in early childhood. It is highly contagious. Extremely hard to contain. The symptoms set in fast. Nothing can cure it. It pulls you in and nothing can break its hold.

The Sleepover Syndrome is responsible for late-nights without any sleep. It accounts for numerous pranks and silly secrets shared.  When one person laughs, everyone else joins in. It’s highly contagious. Everything – every whisper – is hilarious – worthy of giggles and belly-laughs. Also, the Sleepover Syndrome typically produces large quantities of quotes – random, weird, original sayings from friends. Sometimes it results in new levels of friendship.

This is all from the perspective of a recovering sleepover junkie who continues to suffer from multiple relapses. I have no idea if it is just a girl thing – I don’t know what boys do at sleepovers (I don’t want to know…), but I do know that some of my best memories, some of my favorite moments have taken place well past bedtime in the basements of friends, in tents and trailers, in bunk beds and dorm rooms, in apartments and cabins. They are all times I wish to never forget – times I wish to re-live.

It’s a wonderful feeling – the minute the Sleepover Syndrome takes over your body, your mind, your heart. I’m warning you though, the Sleepover Syndrome is not for the faint of heart – it is not something to mess with. It is serious fun. And I’m looking forward to some upcoming events – in the very near future – where I will experience some of the best, most intense moments of the Sleepover Syndrome.

I. Can’t. Wait.


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