Owl, I tried (warning:cheesy puns, idioms, and annoying phraseology!)

A while back I heard a  speaker talk about the importance of rest. How crucial it is that people get to bed before the morning hours. Why our bodies require sleep. He made an excellent point. I jotted notes. I nodded in agreement. I tucked things away in my head, filed them in my “good health advice” compartment. And for two nights, I went to bed early. Painfully early. So early that the sun was still setting. Early enough that I calculated the last time I purposely went to bed that early was when I had mono in middle school.

During the speaker’s message, I fully planned on turning over a new leaf. Many times, during many different season of my life, I tried to morph into an early bird. I wanted to  get the worm. I wanted to like mornings. A few times, I succeeded. Well, not really. It was during college and I had to wake up for classes. I was forced to stay up till the morning hours to complete assignments. I idled around four to six hours of sleep per night. I forced mornings down my throat like dry cereal.

But this last time, boy, I was determined to change. I was convicted to change. I was excited to change. I was willing to change. So, why? Why am I up past the 10 o’clock news and late-night laughs when I have three early mornings ahead of me?* Simple. I can’t grow wings. My personality, who I am, tells me that 24 hours in a day should be used to the fullest. Burn the midnight oil.

I know. I heard the message. The man said it’s more productive to go to bed early and wake up early – refreshed and never drained after lunch.

Part of me wants to throw in the towel. To say, this is the way the cookie crumbles. No use messing with routine. Why change now? Can’t teach an old dog new tricks. I could go on.

But I’m not going to. Though I know I can’t commit to an early to bed routine every night for the rest of my life, I know I need to try, try again. This is not the end of this journey, the end of the road. I’m turning this leaf over as many times as I possibly can.

Owl, I tried. O w[el]l, I tried.

Not good enough.

Clean slate. I’m hitting the hay early.

Tomorrow night.

* three early mornings at the time of writing.


I ask. You answer.

What is your bedtime?

What happens if you don’t get enough sleep?

Have you ever started and stuck to a solid routine/time for bed?

Why is it so hard to get the sleep our bodies need?

Would you rather stay up late or get up early?


One thought on “Owl, I tried (warning:cheesy puns, idioms, and annoying phraseology!)

  1. My bedtime is whenever I go to bed..maybe around eleven or midnight usually
    If i don’t get enought sleep…I usually suck it up and yawn a few too many times during the day
    Never stuck to a solid routine..even though it is a fabulous idea!
    It’s hard to get enough sleep because the world is too busy and everyone is concerned with something that does not give them enough time to rest!
    I like to stay up late and get up early (sometimes)

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