Five. The five year plan everyone has to plan their senior year of college.

Two. The number of years I have been out of college.

Three. The number of years left on my five year plan.

I didn’t know my five-year-plan when I graduated.  I don’t know it now. We’ve never officially met.

I’ve never made plans that far in advance. I’m not sure why. I’m rather scheduled. I like order. I like purpose. I like thinking ahead to my future. But nothing about my past went as planned. Nothing about my present is going as planned. So why should anything in my future go as planned?

I make plans. They change. I change. People change.

If my life plan were to be playing out the way I planned back in middle school and high school, then my current life is very off center. Not at all what I pictured. Imagined. Planned.

I have goals. I have those “ultimately, I want…” dreams. I have hopes.

I also have a life. The life I’m in right now. I can’t dream it away. I can’t fast-forward it. As much as I sometimes wish I could do those things, I can’t. And I really don’t want to do those things. I really want to be present. Give it my all in the here and now.

That’s my new three-years-remaining-on-my-five-year-plan/new-five-year-plan plan.


What’s your five-year plan?

Do you think it’s unrealistic to make plans that far in advance?

Do you think some people get too attached to their plans and miss out on the here-and-now?

Is your five-year plan going as planned? How are you ensuring it stays on track?


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