Photo ID

I recently stumbled upon a website with some amazing photos. This is not uncommon. I stumble upon lots of websites. The thing is, I hadn’t looked at the photos displayed on this site in a long time. No, it does not have pictures of  Justin Bieber. No, it does not have hockey action shots.

It’s a Minnesota site. Connected to a place that I love.

And there’s a lot of photos. Great pictures with smiling faces of people I remember.

And then there’s this one photo. And I’m in it.

That is not what makes it so great.

What makes it great is that I’m talking (surprise, surprise) to someone. A special individual. Someone worthy of remembering.

And I’m in my element. I can tell because of my smile. I didn’t know the photo was being taken – I didn’t know the photo existed until a few minutes ago. I’m not looking at the camera. I’m looking at the person talking to me; the person I am listening and responding to.

And the smile on my face – it says more than words ever could.

I have lots of photos where I’m smiling. But this photo.

It is a reminder. A reminder of who I am. A reminder of what I love. A reminder of what is important.

A reminder I desperately needed.


I ask. You answer.

What is your Photo ID?

Why do we allow ourselves to forget?

A picture is worth a thousand words…Do you believe that?


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