Grease and Grass

Another supper from a sack. A ninety-nine cent heart attack.

Where The Green Grass Grows: Tim McGraw

The green grass. I’ve missed it. I haven’t experienced it in quite some time.

I’ve been busy. Busier than I anticipated. Busy sitting. Listening and learning. About things I never imagined I’d learn about. Important concepts that are necessary for the world to work.

Words that weren’t in my vernacular until two weeks ago are now common-place.

IRA. Roth IRA. Interest. Cash value. Benefits. Tax-deferred. Interest. Annuities. Endowment. MEC. Rider. Endorsement.

Clearly, the time spent sitting was sometimes rather boring. But it was a unique time in my life. I made new friends (well, one for sure) and enjoyed more Sleepover Syndrome-type laughs than I expected. Uncontrollable laughter at the most inappropriate times made for entertainment in and of itself. Witty humor and sarcasm filled my days.

I snickered. I laughed out loud. I whispered.

And I wish I could tell you half of the stories from my time “away” (technically I was just down the road a ways, experiencing new buildings in a Minnesota city). Unfortunately, no one will find them humorous. You weren’t there. That’s why. I’m not trying to keep it a secret. But they were secret moments that can’t be explained. Not in words or pictures. They were the here and now moments that required one to be fully present.

Time-travel not available in my universe, I can’t go back and experience those laughs and shared experiences with perfect strangers. People I’d never met. People I’ll never see again.

The week+ of my life saturated with lingo and concepts out of my area of expertise was busy. Tiring. Long days. I didn’t get to run…unless you count running to the nearest grease pit for lunch on my lunch breaks.

I pride myself on not eating out often. On balancing my meals. On frequenting Micky D’s once in a blue moon.

For the past two weeks of my life, I have eaten out more times than in the last six months. Gross. Disgusting. Puke-o.

Food wise and life wise, I’m sort of jumping back into a routine. Well, for the next two days that is. I’ll be back to my norm. Catching up on tasks mounded up on my desk, spilling onto the floor, and digging around for my dated to-do list are on my weekend agenda. I’ll also be packing. Gearing up for another week of “out-of-office” replies. A very different week from the last two. Polar opposite.Yet, filled with laughs and secret moments no one else will understand. Cafeteria food and Bubble Tea will make up my diet for the week.

That week will blend into another weekend. A family weekend with relatives from near and far. A Minnesota weekend in a very Minnesotan town with current and past Minnesotans. More laughs. More secret moments. More meals on the go and family-secret favorites.

Then I’ll come back. Back to routine. Back to this blog. Before jetting off. Out of Minnesota. Away from the land I love. To a Coast filled with new sights, smells, and sounds. To a place with different types of cuisine that must be sampled.

That means that for the next two+ weeks of my life, I will once again be busy. Running here and there. Out of my routine. Eating meals not in my usual diet. Suppers from sacks.

For as much as I love routine, I can’t complain. I’m excited for more laughs and secret-shared moments. I’m blessed to be surrounded with wonderful friends and family.

The green grass I’ll experience may be real and tangible, Kentucky blue grass tickling my toes. But most likely the green grass I’ll experience, the green grass I have experienced the past two weeks, is the Minnesota grass that tickles my heart.

That is where the green grass really grows.


I ask. You answer.

  1. Where does the “green grass” grow in your life?
  2. Do you eat “suppers from sacks?”
  3. Do you feel as guilty as I do when you consume “suppers from sacks?”
  4. Have you experienced secret moments with friends and strangers that can’t ever be explained?
  5. When was the last time you were out of your routine?
  6. How do you respond when you can’t eat normal meals, maintain a normal sleeping pattern, or fulfill your need to move (exercise)?

One thought on “Grease and Grass

  1. The green grass grows all over..but there are some particular places where it graws a little fast and I think you know some of them!
    Love LOVE love suppers from sacks and yes I do feel as guilty eating them..but you only live once right??!?!
    I live for the moments that nobody will get unless they are there..those are some of the best times in my life
    I do not remember the last time I was out of routine..(except for on the weekends).
    If I can’t maintain a normal routine, I make time for myself even if it means sacrificing some work or something.

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