Twenty-five blizzards

Twenty-five. One more hour than in the day. A quarter. Half the number of states in the United States. Just before twenty-six. What happens when you multiply 5×5.

My age.

I’m working ahead, writing this in advance, prepping it to publish on the date of my birth.

It was a day I will never know about. I have no pictures from the event. No idea how I entered this world.

But that’s just fine. I don’t need that stuff. Because it was still the start of me. Of who I am. The start of my life here. Not there. I’m thankful, grateful that it was the start of me. The start of the life I have lived and am still living. Not because I’m stuck up or self-centered, well, maybe I am, but because I’m me and I’m here.

Six months after I breathed my first breath on this earth, I came here.  Via the air, I arrived. I blew in with a blizzard. The snow welcomed me to this place. To the place I came to call home. To the people I came to call family. To the life I came to call my own.

And that blizzard that ushered in my unconventional arrival, well, it continues to usher in other arrivals. Arrivals of love, laughs, and learning. Arrivals of happiness, hope, and healing. Arrivals I long for and arrivals I lament.

Some days, some months, some years have been big ones, monumental and magnificent. Then there are the days, months, and years that have been cold and chaotic – offering no shelter from the storm. I’ve weathered the blizzards of my life – my twenty-five years of living.

Sometimes I’m a trooper. Sometimes I’m a pooper.

But every time a blizzard hits, whether minty or fruity, chunky or smooth, I count my blessings. I count them big and small. I count them all.

Without them, I wouldn’t be here. Without them, I wouldn’t be me.

This post is not about me. No. It’s about twenty-five years of exploring the textures and flavors of every blizzard life brings our way. And it’s about remembering. Remembering to show thanks and appreciation to the Creator of every fruity, chocolaty, cookie-inspired cool treat that we encounter.

Here’s to twenty-five more years of blizzards.


I ask. You answer.

  1. First things first, what is your favorite DQ Blizzard flavor?
  2. What blizzards have you recently experienced?
  3. How do you weather the storm?
  4. Is it hard to be thankful for the tough blizzards? The chunky ones full of hardships?

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