Catching up

Words and pictures. They are what’s left over. Left over from a week at camp. Left over from a weekend with family. Neither words nor pictures – no matter how marvelously woven or perfectly captured can fully describe the past week.

Faith, family, and friends. Three of my favorite things in the world were experienced. My faith was challenged and renewed – encouraged to grow. My family was loving, happy, and largely extended. My friends were old time favorites and newbies.

Now, I’m back. Uploading pictures. Sharing photos. Commenting and “liking” everything I see. Unpacking and tidying my chaotic mess of a room. Preparing for the week ahead – a short work week – an even shorter vacation week-into-weekend. I’m unwinding while gearing up. I’m unpacking and reflecting while mentally planning and picking outfits.

This week, like last, will fly by faster than I can imagine, though just as fast as I’m imagining. I will try to snap pictures left and right. Attempt to take in all the sights, sounds, and smells in order to pass them along to you in clumsy, sometimes weirdly written words and sentences.

Right now though, I am still reflecting. Still thankful for the people I spent the last week of my life with. The people who have been there from the beginning. People who I have come to care about – as a person and as a child of our Father.

I’m babbling. I’m exhausted. But mainly, I’m so blessed.

More words will be attempted in the next week or so…More pictures will find their way to my memory card and onto Shutterfly and Facebook. More time will be spent with people I love exploring places I love and have yet to love. More laughs will burst forth like bombs of happiness.

I’ve caught you up to speed, not sufficiently, but as much as humanly possible at this point in my schedule.


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