Ridin' Solo (unoriginal song title based on mundane mainstream music)

That will be me. On Thursday. Alone. I’ll fly all alone. I’m not a minor. So I won’t have to wear a wrist band. But I’ve never done this before. Flown alone. I’ve gone without parents. But I’ve always had a friend along.

I may sound like a chicken. I’m sure there are ten year old kids who have flown alone. I don’t really care. I’m kind of nervous. There’s a lay over. At a major airport. In a big city. And I’ll have to work my way through the terminals to catch my connecting, and thankfully, final flight.

I’m a visual. So tonight, I’ll have to look up a map of the air port. I kid you not. I am like the special needs people I have worked with in the past – the ones that need picture diagrams of activities before they will even perform them. That’s me. Before I even get the airport, I have to know what it looks like. The floor plan. The route I need to take from one terminal to the next. I’m going over prepared. Printing my e-tickets in advance. Ensuring my boarding passes are ready for me to board.

I’m a big girl. I can do this. I’ll make it to my destination just fine. On the way home, I’ll be accompanied by an adult. A seasoned vet at flying. But on my way out, I’ll be ridin’ solo.


I ask. You answer.

  1. Am I baby for never having flown alone?
  2. Is flying alone as scary as I make it out to be?
  3. What is your funniest airport/airplane story?
  4. What is your most freaky airport/airplane story?
  5. What fears of flying do you have? Silly and serious.

One thought on “Ridin' Solo (unoriginal song title based on mundane mainstream music)

  1. Hi Megan,

    I’m having a good time reading your blogs! Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

    1. You are not a baby for never having flown alone. Why fly alone when you don’t have to!
    2. Flying alone is probably a little scary for everyone the first time, and even subsequent times, but it sounds to me like you are preparing yourself very well.
    3. I remember when we moved from Omaha to Rhode Island, changing planes at O’Hare with 3 little girls and Shelley leading the way; and Shelley being very worried we were not going to make our connection, as she limped (she had a shot the day before in preparation for school) and ran at the same time. She’s been worrying and leading all her life! It was a close call, but we made it!
    4. I have no freaky stories – thank goodness!
    5. I had to fly alone on Tuesday morning; haven’t done that very often and I’m MUCH older than you are. I wasn’t concerned at all until I didn’t see my flight listed on the big general screen. But I asked a security person and he directed me to the Delta screen, in the opposite direction of what I needed to be going, and there was my flight listed with the gate indicated. Then I had some moments of concern anticipating the possibility of not getting to the gate in time. But I made it and actually had to wait almost an hour beyond the the scheduled departure time due to electricity in the area! So I worried for nothing — which is often the case with worrying.

    Hope you have a fun time in Maine – I’m sure you will.

    Love ya.

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