The Tuesday Squeeze

I’m feeling the squeeze. I was gone. Then home. Then gone. And now home. And Thursday I’ll be gone again. That means I have a lot to do. A lot of stuff to square away. A lot of e-mails to respond to. A lot of errands to accomplish. A lot of laundry to wash, fold, and iron.I haven’t even written my “To Pack” list yet. And I’m gone all day today – working. I’m gone all day tomorrow – working. In between those times, I need to eat, sleep, and well, you get the picture.

It will be worth it. This August has flown by so fast already. I’m trying to absorb it all, but my sponge is getting rather full.

I’m excited for the rest of this week. I’m excited for the rest of this month. In my excitement, I’m fearing the end of this month. The end of this summer. I can’t even wrap my mind around all that’s occurred this summer. When did my summer actually start? May? June? I don’t know. I’m not going to write about my summer in the past tense, though most of it is in the past. Yet, I know that when the calendar flips to September and school buses roll down the streets and kids get back into their daily grinds, I’ll be mournful for the summer days that went by in the blink of an eye. I’m fearing the beginning of fall. Not because I’m going back to school. Maybe that’s part of the reason I’m fearing the end of the summer. Because I’m not going back to those things – those familiar, yet scary childhood things that defined my life for so many years.

There will be time for those thoughts later on. Right now, it’s Tuesday. And I’m feeling squeezed. Tuesday and Wedensday are pushing from both sides. Spring and Fall are closing in hard on both ends.

But the beauty of the Tuesday Squeeze – it will be over soon. And I’ll make it through. In order to experience another tart and sweet Tuesday squeeze down the road.


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