Follow-up: Sleepover Syndrome

This is a follow-up. To an important topic. A topic I blogged about a while back. The Sleepover Syndrome.

I wrote about my anticipation of the contagious disease. One everyone must be exposed to throughout their lifetime.

It’s a never fail experience. It will never disappoint. It always has the same effects.

Last week I had some of the best Sleepover Syndrome episodes – ever. I always think that every Sleepover Syndrome moment is the best. They are all equal. No SS will ever top an old one. Really though, I think I had the best ones last week.

Quotes, too funny to explain to an outsider continue to pop into my head. Random stories. Random laughs. Random jokes. Hilarious facial expressions. Mishaps in story telling. Mishaps in pronunciation. Mishaps in word choices. Mishaps in everything. That’s what makes SS moments funny.

Plus. The SS is not something one can experience alone. It requires a community – of two or ten of ten or twenty of twenty or thirty. The inside stories from last week run deep and wide. The memories are unforgettable. They have left their mark in my life – in my brain and on my heart. No Rx is needed or requested. I don’t want to get rid of the Sleepover Syndrome. I don’t want to forget how it feels to laugh so hard you cry. I don’t want to forget how it feels to have those times that no one else will understand. I don’t want to forget how it feels to have those bonds with friends that no one else will experience.

Because they are mine. All mine. And the people I shared them with.

Take no Sleepover Syndrome attack for granted. Don’t medicate it. Embrace it. Let it take control for a while. Never let it become dull. Seek out more chances to laugh. Put yourself in the path of Sleepover Syndrome episodes.

Laugh so hard you snort. Laugh so hard you can’t breathe. Laugh so hard your face hurts. Laugh so hard your stomach kills. Laugh so hard you don’t remember why you’re laughing. Laugh so hard that you draw attention to yourself. Laugh so hard that you keep laughing even when nothing is funny. Laugh so hard you burst out laughing at the memory of laughing.

Laugh so hard you live to laugh and laugh to live.


I ask. You answer.

  1. What is your favorite Sleepover Syndrome moment?
  2. Do you think the Sleepover Syndrome should be limited based on age?
  3. Do you embrace every chance you are given to laugh?

One thought on “Follow-up: Sleepover Syndrome

  1. There are toooooo many SS moments to say one to be a favorite…camp ones are and will always be amazing..
    To answer the last 2 questions..SS should NEVER..i mean NEVER be limited to an age
    and YES laughing is one of the most imporant things ever! It truly is the best medicine!

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