Nick to the Names

Since I’m still catching up from last week. Finally organizing my thoughts and memories. Laughing through all my Sleepover Syndrome moments. I am just getting around to a topic I hadn’t thought about in a while (not since the Stanley Cup Playoffs — Big Buff, Kaner, Tazer, etc.).

The first night of my week-long Sleepover, replete with Sleepover Syndrome moments, I was bestowed a nickname. Had nothing to do with my name – no variation on my first, middle, or last name.

I didn’t know how long it would stick. If it would catch on. I wasn’t worried about it. It just was. Funny. An inside joke. And now, a memory. Only certain people used it. Only certain people know the meaning behind it. And I like it that way. I like the connection. The fact that it’s uniquely mine and uniquely from them.

As the week went on, I received more nicknames. Spin offs of my name. I’ve gotten those before. And every time I do, I smile. I instantly think of the person or people who named me that name.

Some people don’t like nicknames. But it’s not like I’m being made fun of. I don’t get overly sensitive about it. I don’t get offended. I really do like nicknames. Receiving them. Giving them. Responding to them. Laughing at them.

The meaning behind nicknames is different for every nickname named.

Some relate to the person’s actual name. Some relate to the person’s profession. Some relate to the person’s behaviors, characteristics. Some relate to the person’s appearance. Some relate to the person’s childhood. Some relate to the person’s car. Some relate to the person’s sports. Some relate to the person’s pets. Some relate to the person’s accomplishments. Some relate to the person’s family.

All relate to the impression an individual has on those they come in contact with. All relate to the importance of friendships. All relate to the way we should view ourselves – not defined by one name – given or married. But defined by moments, experiences, and people we cross paths with.

Nicknames are the names that matter. They are the names people remember. They show that people care for one another.

I’m not telling you to force people to call you by a nickname because you think it sounds cool. I’m telling you to be open to the names people bless you with. Whether cool sounding or dorky, nicknames are our own to keep – forever.


I ask. You answer.

  1. What are some of you nicknames?
  2. Do you like nicknames?
  3. Bad experiences with nicknames as a kid?
  4. Why do you think we give people nicknames?
  5. What’s the funniest nickname you have ever heard?

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