Greetings from Maine…er…hello, I’m back from Maine

This is the postcard you were supposed to receive. Too bad I never sent it.

I went to Maine. There was no rain.

The flight out was uneventful. Thankfully. I met a friend in the waiting area at the gate at the MSP airport. No stranger danger. She was nice. She lives in my MN town. We sat in separate seats. We picked our way through DTW together on our quick layovers. She went on to another state. I went to Maine.

I read a book. It made me cry. I bought some magazines. Typical ones. Psychology Today and Real Simple. I read the SKY magazine. I did not purchase anything from the Sky Mall. I ate my bisquit – tasted like what I imagine dog food to taste like. But I was hungry. It was “complimentary.” Although, I doubt it complimented my calorie count.

I landed after a full day of traveling. I was tired. I was excited. It was a small airport. Portland, ME. They have plastic coverings on the toilet seats – push the little green button and the plastic rotates to give you a fresh seat to sit on. I appreciated my germ-fighting toilet session after landing. I located my luggage. Piece of cake. I did NOT get stuck in the enormous revolving doors.

Off I went. To Naples, ME.

My first ME meal: Thatcher’s. I had fried shrimp, fried clams, fried scallops, and fried haddock, and of course, fried french fries. YUM!

I stayed at The Inn at Long Lake.

Kind of a Lake Minnetonka/Tonka Bay meets The Dragonfly Inn (fictional) feel to the town and Inn. I grabbed ice cream at the Lakeside Dairy Bar. It was Annabelle’s Natural Ice Cream. It was delicious.

And that was that. My first night in ME!


2 thoughts on “Greetings from Maine…er…hello, I’m back from Maine

  1. Hey Linds! So fun! I love the East Coast. I went out with my dad – he was there on business and extended his trip and we just hit up some tourist spots in Maine. I’d always wanted to visit!

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