Maine: Day Two

Friday morning.  The sun was peeking through the clouds, promising to come out strong later in the day. It did.

The first full day of my trip. The innkeeper made blueberry pancakes. MAINE blueberries. I thought of Sal.

The pancakes were fluffy, filling, and fabulous. I was satisfied.

The day’s itinerary: Freeport, ME. But before that could happen. There was some driving. Scenic. I saw signs – lots of signs. I saw one sign for “Camp Walden.” And I thought about The Parent Trap. The first and last Lindsay Lohan movie I actually liked.

The driving continued. My love for Maine deepened. The roads, the hills, the flatness, the lakes, the trees – looked like Northern Minnesota at times. The houses were average, run-down, trailers, and traditional colonial’s – Georgian and what not.

Finally, after the GPS messed up a few times, Freeport, ME signs welcomed me to the town. Quaint. Adorable. Busy. All the buildings were architectural gems. Even the McDonald’s was cool. I’m not joking. The main attraction in Freeport – the shopping. L.L. Bean, though I currently don’t wear their clothes, nothing against them, is headquartered in Freeport. And the store is HUGE. I rummaged through jackets, though I have no need for another one, but enjoyed the bright colors. There was a girl trying on a few fleece ones and she struck up a conversation. Turns out she’s from Michigan. Midwest Represent.

Sign post directing L.L. Bean adventurists to the appropriate department

L.L. Bean

The outlets surrounding L.L. Bean are housed in non-outlet looking buildings. Brand name stores and ME exclusive eateries lined the streets and people were out in force. The Abercrombie and Fitch, which I dared enter just to see it, is located in what used to be the library. The inside was nothing to write about, yet, here I form sentences about it. Very messy. Very teeny-bopper. Very loud. Very much so NOT a library.

I am sorry to admit, I didn’t take pictures of the outlets. I was too busy soaking it all in. Paying cash for clothes. I scored deals at J.Crew on a basic tank and long sleeved tee. I hit the jack pot at North Face on a jacket that was majorly marked down. I’d definitely go back to Freeport – with empty suitcases to fill.

Lunch was munched in Freeport at the Lobster Cooker. I ventured out of my comfort zone. Food wise. I love sea food, but I was wary about trying clam chowder. Loved it.

After lunch, it was on to Portland. Maine. Not Oregon. Once again, it was there. A typically stunning New England seaside town. Bustling with life. Crowded with people. The sea in full-view. Shops frequented by locals and love birds.

Down to Custom House Wharf I traveled. I wanted to see it. I needed to see it. Sea Bags. I’ve been a fan for years. I’ve had one of their bags for a few years now. I love it. People comment on it frequently. And now, I can tell them I saw where it was made. I saw the town that inspired it.

Since parking was sparse and there was guilt associated with parking at a high-demand spot in front of the Harbor Fish Market, I went in. I had wanted to visit. Travel books said it was worth the stop. The smell beckoned for me to peek inside.

Harbor Fish Market @ Custom House Wharf


Fish Parts.

After a bit of walking around, confirming the next day’s activities at the Pier, it was time to check-in to the inn. Hampton that is. Some TV watching and a nap took place. For as much as I appreciate the history and architecture of old, New England inns, I really enjoyed the largeness of the Hampton’s bathroom.

Then. It was dinner time. I had no clue what I felt like eating. The front-desk guy at the hotel made suggestions. Some sounded good. Others did not. He tried. He helped. Picking his favorite suggestion, I thought I would like it. There was more driving. More miscommunication problems with the GPS. But it provided some views. A visit to the beach.

The place the front desk guy suggested was nice looking. Cramped between summer cottages and shops. It was stuffy though. Not what I was in the mood for. Back on the road. I decided on something non-sea food. Kerrymen Pub – an Irish pub in Saco, ME. I ordered spaghetti and meatballs. Enough to feed a family of four. The plate was overflowing. The flavors were different and delicious. I didn’t take pics though. It was rather non-Maine…

The day had been full. The day had been fun. I fell asleep watching A Few Good Men excited for the next morning’s events!


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