Bed Bugs

Driving to an early morning dental appointment, I was tuned in to the radio. Since I have just returned from a vacation and have spent more time away from home than home this month, I was anxious to hear the familiar voices of local DJ’s. The morning show did their typical bits. I kind of check out sometimes when they talk about Hollywood – Mel Gibson’s car accident, Lindsay Lohan, George Clooney and Angelina Jolie cast in a new movie, Spencer and Heidi (Spidey) divorcing, etc. But my ears perked up when the radio DJ started talking about the issues CNN is having at their Atlanta based studios with BED BUGS. The employees were all issued a memo on the dangers involved and told how to treat a case of bed bugs.

Oh, what’s that you say? “Megan, didn’t you recently sleep in hotels? And didn’t you sit in cramped airplanes with people from who knows where with who knows what types of bugs and diseases festering within them in? Even more so – didn’t you travel on a plane TO Atlanta’s airport and walk around the concourse before your final flight to MSP?”

Yes. To all the above.

What’s more – I spent the first week of August in a dorm room on a bed – in my own sleeping bag – that how many dirty college kids have slept in/sat on over the years? The weekend following that week I spent the night in a northern MN hotel room.

I would have appreciated a memo before I ventured off from the safety of my own bed-bug free bed for my August adventures. Had I known this in advance, or remembered previous stories on hotels and bed bugs, I would have checked the corners of the beds I rested on while away. I would have made sure no black objects were marching around my mattress – much more disturbing than ants at a picnic.

Things are not looking good.

Don’t worry, I won’t be making the news for driving off the road from hearing horror stories of the bed bug infestation at CNN or anywhere else for that matter. Prone to hypochondriac tendencies and mind-sets, I was rather disturbed going into my appointment. I felt itchy. It’s like when people talk about lice. Same thing.

I’ve done a little googling and I think I’m free of bed bugs, but still. I’m not so sure. When do the bites start appearing?!? I don’t have any red marks or anything, but my skin has been crawling all day long.And I’ve been itching the entire time I’ve been working on this post…

I’ll let you know if things take a turn for the worse.

And remember, don’t let the bed bugs bite.


4 thoughts on “Bed Bugs

  1. I clicked on your blog from ‘freshly pressed’ to read your post of silly bands and enjoyed your take on friendship. 🙂 Then how ironic that a co-worker and I were just discussing her sister’s battle with bedbugs in her apartment not more than 2 minutes before I noticed your post on those nasty critters! Isn’t it amazing how subliminal we are? I’m itchy like crazy now thanks to my previous and reading your blog!

  2. Ick! The phrase bed bugs makes me feel disgusted! It was not just a few years ago that my house had to go through heating treatments to get rid of the nasty little bugs that were attacking me and my brother in our sleep. Ugh, they are the worst! This is why the phrase “don’t let the bed bugs bite” is banned from our household….

  3. You never thought ‘bed bugs’ was such a horrible little bug and that saying that at night they’d actually bite. The little bite marks are generally red and about dime sized, I think. How can you protect yourself from something so small and tiny? The thing is, you can’t, until they bite you and you realize what might be up, ick…

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