Taking it all in

This month, as earlier posts have previewed and explained, I am pretty much going everywhere and doing everything (Yes, I exaggerate at times…).

I was gone the first full week of the month. Surrounded by girls and young women. Breathing in dorms and locker rooms. Skipping and singing my way through a campus so big it’s the reason I didn’t attend there.

The week went by fast. I turned 25 while I was gone. “Happy Birthday” was sung – a cake was cut and consumed.

The beginning led to the rest of the week – the late-night chats, the early-morning devos, the mid-day naps. I learned about myself. I learned about other people. I learned about my faith and Father. I learned about hard work and rewards. I learned about distractions and dreams.

My sleep-deprived words are not making sense. They are failing to capture the extent of the experience I encountered that first week of August. Only those who were there, walking the road beside me, understand the stories, the emotions, the everything!

Then there was a family reunion. Relatives from all over the country were present. Cousins and their children. Aunts and Uncles I didn’t remember I had (joking! :)). Stories I’d never heard about my family – my grandparents’ legacy.

That weekend, as my posts have outlined, led to a lot of laughs and loving. A lot of tears. Hugs and singing. And of course, a lot of eating, eating my family’s amazing food!

With that weekend ticked off the calendar, I prepared for a short work week. I performed my duties. Then I packed. Again.

Posts have shown pics and told some stories from my most recent adventure – my trip to Maine. Fun is such a lame word, but that’s what it was! New. Different. I love the East Coast and enjoyed exploring a portion of it I had never seen before. I’m still editing my photos and unpacking…

Now, I’m here. Back in my state. I met with long-time friends from college the first day back from my Maine trip. Caught up on life – jobs, families, their marriages, and recent travels. It was good. The re-connecting. It reminded me of who I used to be – who we used to be – and who I am now – who we are now – and who I am going to be – who we are going to be.

Today, I will work. I will accomplish tasks and do what I do. And then tonight, I will see old friends again. Roommates – all of my roommates – from my junior year of college. Our meeting location is picked. The time is set. We’ll eat and chat. Reminisce and look ahead. Stories will be swapped. Moments will be re-lived. There will be hugs and smiles. We’ll see who we are now – who we used to be. Life will stare us in the eyes in a new light. Our time will end whenever our time ends. And we’ll make promises to get together again soon. Promises to stay in touch. And that’s all well and good. But it’s hard. Because life tugs at each one of us in a different manner. As much as we try to deny that – it’s true. We’re all going different directions and spinning toward different goals. But tonight, will be our time to make the spinning stop – to stand still long enough to enjoy the company.

So as I think back on my August and think ahead to my evening and weekend – week ahead, I am grateful for this month – for these memories and moments.

As for right now, this very moment, I’m dressed and typing with wet hair. I need to eat breakfast and hit the road. I need to pack my PB and J lunch (how else can I afford to eat out this week?). Prioritizing means I should be eating right now and brushing my teeth. But. This post couldn’t wait. Because my thoughts are mashed up in my brain. Memories are floating here and there. And I can’t get my mind around all of it. I can’t believe how fast this month has gone. How fast this summer has gone. It’s not over yet. There’s still some more left. More work and more play.

I’ll take it all in. I’ll mull it over in my head. I’ll spit it back out on this blog – all of my quiet contemplating and private thoughts – now, not so private. My MN meditations – I’m taking it – this month, summer, year, time in my life – in through that lens. That’s the only way I know how to take it all in.


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