May I please be excused?

I’d like to be excused. This isn’t fair. I shouldn’t be forced to eat this stuff.

Can I please have the next course? The main dish? Dessert? There’s gotta be something better than this.

I don’t care if this is going to help me grow. Make me stronger. Teach me a lesson.

It’s not fun. It’s hard. I’m too young for this. I’m too old for this. I should be able to pick what I eat. Create my own menu.


I’m stuck in this chair, at this table, with this plate staring back at me.

This is not what I thought it would taste like. This is not what I want it to be like.

It’s cold and getting old.


Apparently it’s the only thing I’m allowed to eat. I guess that means it’s what I need. What the Chef knows I need.

I keep fighting it. Trying to feed it to the dog. Hiding it in my pockets to throw out later – when no one’s looking.

I know. I should embrace it. Let it shape me. Realize this is just part of the growing process.

And I am. Well, not as well as I would like. But. I am embracing it. In my own way. Some days better than others. Sometimes I love the plate set before me. I see the next course clear as day. Sometimes, most times, I can’t stand the plate set before me. I see the next course clear as mud.

That’s life. With its unpleasant veggies.

That’s my life. With its unpleasant veggies.

So, I ask. May I please be excused?

Does it really matter if I eat this?

Except. I wonder. Will I miss out on the best parts? The parts that toughen me up and push me into who I need to be.

Yea. All right. I’ll try another bite.

Pass the ranch, please?


I ask. You answer.

  1. Ever feel like you’re never going to be excused?
  2. How do you handle the “broccoli” you are served?
  3. Why do we fight that which makes us stronger?
  4. How come we think we can deal with the hardships but when they come we wish they would go away – that dessert would be served?

One thought on “May I please be excused?

  1. I love broccoli, especially when hidden in loads of noodles and sauce. Oh wait, you aren’t talking about real broccoli. I don’t have any good answers to your questions but I loved this post. 🙂

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