My happy place

My Happy Place

I’m going there. Back there. To my happy place.  The place where it all happens.

I’ve missed it. I need to see it.

The lake is a second home to many Minnesotan’s. The lake offers an outlet – to tear up the smooth water or cast a line into its glassy surface.

Either way – it is there. Always calling. Always calming.

I was on it. A lot last year. I haven’t been on it this year (twice is not acceptable!) Not this summer.

I’ll try to make up for lost time. This week. I’ll be on the water. At the lake. Soaking up all it can offer. Allowing it to work its magic.

And I’ll take pictures. I’ll attempt to Canon-it into my digital world. But it’s not the same. A picture can never fully envelop you in warmth and comfort. No screen shot or portrait will ever replace what I feel when I’m standing on its shore, on the docks that rest so delicately on its beauty.

I get kind of mushy when I talk about it. My happy place.

I’m not apologizing. I’m not going to lie. Because unlike other things, other happy places, this place never disappoints. It never disappears. Even on the cloudy, cold days, it breathes life into mine.


It feels good. To be here. To be fully in my happy place.

** Written 8/20/10


I ask. You answer.

  1. Where is your happy place?
  2. What memories of the “lake” do you have?
  3. What makes your happy place so happy?

2 thoughts on “My happy place

  1. We go to a cabin in Wisconsin every year with my family. I have these sweet memories of looking at the stars on the dock with Bjork late at night, even before we were engaged. Sigh. That was really happy. 🙂 And it still is! Although, this year it rained. Boo.

  2. 1.Where is your happy place?
    I have lots of happy places. With my friends and family, on the lake, reading a book, too many to count.
    2.What memories of the “lake” do you have?
    Once again, too many to count. Camp, tubing, wake boarding, family reunions, laying out…ahhh i love it
    3.What makes your happy place so happy?
    The atmosphere of being there…i think

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