Forget the State Fair. THIS is the REAL Minnesota Summer!

The Fair is in full-swing. We’re rather proud of our get-together. It’s well-attended, maybe the most well-attended fair in the US of A.

I’m not attending this year. Haven’t since 2007.

Careful not to slap the “un-Minnesotan” label on me though. For I have explored Minnesota to a much-greater extent than a walk-through the animal barn and a concert at the Grand Stand.

I have seen Minnesota in its truest form.

Earlier, at the beginning of this short summer, I summed up summer. What Minnesota summer’s are all about. And now the State Fair is signaling an end to our summer.

Thus, this post offers but a snapshot of Minnesota summers. Accurately captured. Yet, unless experienced first-hand, pictures are quite insufficient in providing the whole picture. You’ll just have to come visit us next summer. Visit US. Not the Fair! We’ll show you a real Minnesota summer. Nothing on a stick. Just the simple things that make our summer’s Minnesota summers.

Minnesota summer is about slowing down.

Minnesota summer is about a Classic golf outing.

Minnesota summer is a baseball hat on an outing to the beach.

Minnesota summer is about masterpieces on sidewalks and driveways.

Minnesota summer is about our favorite sport and a fun-filled week at hockey camp.

Minnesota summer is a water balloon on a hot day. *note the Silly Bandz…

Minnesota summer is about hopping around.

Minnesota summer is a fresh-baked brownie on an over-cast day.

Minnesota summer is about discovering trails blazed by legends.

Minnesota summer is a well-deserved fish feast after a Sunday on the lake.

Minnesota summer is a lake-side sunset that lingers and licks the water’s surface.

Minnesota summer is a windy, tree-lined road leading to much-loved destinations.

Minnesota is a tree-lined avenue in a neighborly neighborhood.
That’s us. In a nutshell. There’s more to us. More places to discover. More towns to conquer. But this is the gist of it. This is what summer is like in Minnesota. Take it or leave it.

I prefer to take it.

** All images, except for the map of MN, are MN Meditation originals.


I ask. You answer.

  1. Ever been here in the summer? What was your favorite memory?
  2. State Fair lovers? Why?
  3. What part of MN do you never tire of discovering?
  4. What makes up your MN summer?


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