Break me

Mmmmm. I can smell the chocolate. I can feel the sugar eating away at my teeth. I can hear the crunch. Good thing Halloween is the next major candy-focused holiday we will celebrate. Because I need a Kit Kat like I need a good break.

I have many words I wanted to write. Thoughts I wanted to post. Ideas I wanted to pose.  On topics like monarch butterflies, mosquito bites, gardening, running routines, awkward hugs and high-fives, nose-blowing-coughing etiquette, the beginning of fall, Halloween costumes, books I read over the summer, favorite fall movies, favorite cities, shopping in St. Paul, cute kid quotes, soccer-mom moments, aging and the effects on the digestive system (AKA – why can’t I eat junk food like when I was in high school?), desk shopping, fall cleaning, closet and drawer organization, Shutterfly-booking, hockey seasons, facebook friends, wall-writing etiquette, road trips, name changes, mentors, etc.

But those will have to wait. Time will have to pass.

Because more than I need a Kit Kat, I need a break. From this place. I like it here. I think some of you enjoy it here, too. But this MN fall is bringing some changes. I need to prepare. I need to reflect and re-juice. I have things to take care of on the home front. Things that require focus, detail, and time. I blogged till I was blue in the face this summer. Even while on vacation I managed to write ahead and send out blog posts. It was sort of a mini challenge to myself. To see if I could do it. To see if I could write almost every day in July and August. I pretty much succeeded at that. I reached that goal. And now. I need to breathe.

I’m not sure if this “Kit-Kat break” is considered a sabbatical or not. Does one need to be a professional to take a sabbatical? I only know of professors and pastors taking sabbaticals, so I’m not sure if I can even label what I’m doing an official sabbatical. I think a sabbatical is supposed to last two months. Mine will certainly last no more than that. I can’t stay away that long, but I have to stay away long enough.

This is not the end. I’m not closing down MN Meditations. Just resting. Prioritizing. Doing other things on my “It’s-not-an-option-not-to-do” list.

There’s plenty here to read. Lots of old words and stories. Browse through the archives. Send suggestions for post topics. Comment on your favorite posts. Talk amongst yourselves. Share with friends and family. Facebook. Twitter. Whatever else you do. Check back often because I may or may not pop back in for a quick note. If something earth-shattering occurs, I will bop in for a post or two. Earth shattering meaning more than just a sale on pears. Earth shattering meaning more than just a good hair day. Earth shattering meaning won-the-lottery-traveled-the-world-married-an-impossibly-famous-person.

Yeah. So, try back near Halloween. I’ll most likely be back by then. Who knows.

Thanks for reading. Thanks for your comments. Thanks for understanding.


I ask. You answer.

  1. Is this really considered a sabbatical?
  2. Have you ever taken a sabbatical?
  3. Why do people take sabbaticals?
  4. Any suggestions for when I return — blog topics, etc.?

3 thoughts on “Break me

  1. Boo hoo . . . have enjoyed this so much, but I agree, everyone needs a break occasionally. I don’t respond often, but trust me, I’ve been reading and enjoying!

  2. No its not considered a sabbatical, like you said you just need a break. I think it will be good for you even though I enjoy reading this almost daily. But, enjoy the time off, take time for yourself, do some fun things and some not so fun things, smile and laugh lots, and then remember all those memories and blog about them in a few. Can’t wait to read whenever you are ready to return!

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