This is not a post on the topic of “LIKE.”

This post non-post is not super original. It’s borrowed and boring. I’ve tainted your view of what I’m going to write and I haven’t even written it yet. Partly because I’m not really writing. And I’m not really blogging. Is it too late to tell you this is a ghost writing this non-post? You’re too smart for that trick.

As I’ve been finding other uses for my time and talents (that’s based on my own opinion), I have been catching up on many things. And falling behind on many things. I barely touched my personal computer two weeks ago – hardly glanced at my own e-mails due to a busy season in an adult area of my life (AKA work). And we all know that some of the best thinking occurs while sitting in meetings and rearranging Excel columns. Or maybe that’s just me.

Regardless of when or where it occurred, I did some thinking.  About liking.  About what I like.  About what other people like.  About what I like about you (don’t think I’m not singing the song).

And I made a list – mental it may be – but a list nonetheless – of things, random things, that make up who I am and what I do (not entirely). Thanks to facebook, where you can “LIKE” till you’re blue in the face, I have been inspired by some of the things people like in this world. And it reminded me of the things I like in this world. And since I don’t want every single person who logs onto the social networking site to see what Megan Nyberg “LIKEs,” I decided to post this here. Isn’t this less intrusive? If you find yourself liking the same things I do, drop a comment. But no disliking allowed.

Disclaimer: some of these may or may not be real facebook groups or “LIKEs,” I don’t know. I don’t take time to join them. So, if I’m “stealing” your original “LIKE,” my apologies. I’m just going off of what I’ve seen and marrying it with how my mind thinks!

* When you have to pee so bad you forget you have to pee when you actually get to a bathroom.

* That awkward moment when someone tells you they think your friend/relative of the opposite sex is cute/hot/nice-looking and you don’t know how to respond.

* Pressing the snooze button so many times that you end up being late for the day’s activities.

* Trying not to get too annoyed when a person younger than you calls you “kid.”

* Hates waking up when it’s still dark outside.

* Flipping through the channels all night long and realizing you never watched a single show.

* Laughing at the worst possible times and being unable to stop.

* Nice to meet you…AND we’re hugging.

* When you’re having a bad hair day and someone tells you your hair looks great.

* Unloading groceries while saying, “there’s nothing to eat.”

* Welcome to Abercrombie and Fitch. I am now going to use my outside voice.

* Finds it creepy and wrong on so many levels when female fans feel the need to write blogs, posts, and facebook status updates on male celebrities/athletes as if they are dating.

* Trying not to laugh too hard when someone trips or slips in a public place.

* Repeating back to someone what they just said as if you didn’t hear them the first time.

* Using a sing-song voice to talk to people in regular conversation.

* Thinking you see someone you know in public and running up to say hi only to realize you’re talking to a perfect stranger.

* When you’re trying to read or do something while carrying on a conversation with someone and you start mixing your conversation with what you’re reading/doing and everyone gets confused.

* Calling someone and forgetting who you called by the time they answer.

* Avoiding someone you don’t want to talk to in public by pretending to be on the phone or busy with some other random object.

* Eating dessert before dinner.

* How you know random facts about people you no longer talk to because you snooped on their wall.

* The smell of winter after it snows.

* When everyday situations relate to movie lines and song lyrics.

* Jumping up and down like a moron when your foot falls asleep.

* Answering your own question before you even ask it.

* How slow-walking mall walkers never realize they are holding everyone else up.

* Wandering aimlessly around Target and feeling the need to buy at least one thing before leaving.

* Buying FOOD Network Stars’ cookbooks just to look through – never to cook from.

* Frantically scanning classrooms/conference rooms for the wall clock and freaking out if one is not present.

* When you hear how thick your regional accent really is.

Likes are ever-changing. But this list of LIKEs, my MN Likes, are here to stay. Because I LIKE MN.

* I like pretending this is not a post on the topic of “Like.”


I ask. You answer.

  1. What’s your favorite “LIKE” on facebook?
  2. Do you think people have too much time on their hands if they join hundreds of “LIKES.

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