Catalogs. Internet. Store.

I never anticipated the headache desk shopping would bring me. I gave up my cheap-o desk that I purchased before my junior year of college — something I put together in my apartment to get me through my late-night paper-writing and facebooking.

That was a while ago. Late in August when I gave the OK for my sister to take my cheap-o desk to school – to beat up and use to her heart’s desire.

That left me without a desk.

And I thought that would be OK. I thought I could easily find a replacement.

I didn’t count on my picky ways getting the best of me. I didn’t account for the fact that there are so many desk options.

I’ve poured through catalogs. I’ve scanned internet sites. I’ve stopped in stores – major department stores, furniture stores, home stores, etc. specific to Minnesota and otherwise. Name a store. ANY store – major designer, discount, boutique. I’ve been there. I’ve looked. I’ve measured. I’ve considered. I tear through Sunday ads for the furniture store sales like it’s my job. I have been on the hunt since August. Every time I come close to finding a desk…well, I don’t.

When I was a kid, my dad made me a custom desk. It’s great. I could use it again. But I need a new look. Something to match me now. I just don’t like the looks I’m finding.

My paperwork and office supplies are strewn about – hidden in closets, set out on the floor and counter. I am going nuts looking for a desk. Believe me, I’ve been willing to fork out big bucks. I’ve been willing to settle for “cheap.” I just can’t find a desk that meets my needs — function, storage, and aesthetics – standards.

There was one day in September when I thought I found a desk, but then it looked too much like a headmaster’s desk. And then I thought I found a desk somewhere else, but it didn’t have any storage what-so-ever – it was just a piece of furniture to look at. Another time I thought I found the perfect desk and chair. Again – it lacked function and storage and I realized I’d most likely tire of the ‘style.’

I’m typing on a lap desk – a cheap-o “college dorm” item I purchased at Target back in the day. I’m typing on the floor – my back stiffening and neck strained. I’m typing on the kitchen counter – hoping I don’t get food on my computer.

I’m typing everywhere but on a desk.

Because I can’t find a desk.


I ask. You answer.

  1. Am I being too picky?

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