Keurig: putting the “instant” in coffee and taking the “hard” out of life

Keurig K-Cups.

By now most everyone has seen this magical machine in store ads, on a friend or relative’s kitchen counter, or at Caribou Coffee.

I’d seen plenty of these brewing masters and thought the one-cup concept was rather genius. Aside from the fact that I don’t drink coffee, ever, never ever, I had no idea when I’d ever have a need for a one-touch-one-cup beverage. I’d heard that more than just coffee could be one-cupped – iced tea, green tea, earl gray, and hot chocolate were other one-cup options. Piqued my interest. A little bit.

But. I still didn’t think I’d ever use the take-over-the-world coffee maker.

But. I did. I used it. I brewed dark hot chocolate. I readied my cup. I grabbed my flavor of choice. I hit “brew.” And presto. Instant coffee – er – hot chocolate.

Instant deliciousness. Instant warmness. Instant chocolateyness.

There was barely any time for anticipation because the Keurig brewed so fast I couldn’t even find marshmallows – partly because I didn’t have any to find. Without anticipation – there was no wait.

And that’s the beauty of the Keurig.

The wonder of our day-in-age of no waiting – self-check-out lanes and under 15 item lanes, “Delivery in 30 minutes – or it’s free” promises, carpool lanes, pre-ordering/pre-pay online buttons, over-night shipping, and instant re-play.

Here and now. Not wait and see.

But what happens to those other coffee makers? The faithful pots filled with dangerous black liquid? The centerpieces for family gatherings and dessert tables. The bags of beans and coffee grinders. What about those?

I know, I don’t drink coffee, so what do I care? I don’t. Not exactly. The Cuisinart is fine collecting dust. The coffee grinder can give it a rest.

But. The abracadabraness of this cutesy Keurig is too fast – too instant. It takes the wait out – of coffee and life.

I thought all good things came to those who wait? Slow and steady wins the race? This instant coffee deal is setting me up for failure and I’ve only used it twice.

Failure because life is not instant – it does not come in a one-cup-one-touch package from Costco. Life is not seven different flavors easily purchased at the local Caribou. Life is about preparation, anticipation, and perspiration. There is no “brew now” button. Life consists of grinding it out – perfecting the perfect blend after numerous bad batches. That’s when it’s the sweetest – the strongest – the best. With time. With age. Because what’s worth waiting for – takes time. It requires hard work and sacrifice.

Keurig’s well-marketed name-brand coffee blends are snazzy. They suck you in. And they work. They are wonderful. But short-cuts in life are never as sweet – they cheat. And in the end, you’ll wish you’d brewed it old school – worked for and earned the cup of Joe.

The Keurig is not wrapped around my finger. I’m not sold on the entire concept. Because my life has been anything but an instant caffeine buzz. Anything but voila: everything-I-dreamed-of-and-more-the-moment-I-wished-upon-a-shooting-star. It’s been tough. I’ve had to be tougher. It’s been rough. I’ve had to play rougher.

But the instant the good comes trickling in and the reward swirls like creamer into my cup, I perk up. I am energized. And it’s that much stronger and sweeter because of the wait.

What are you waiting for? Believe me, it stinks to see others with their cups of warm beverages in hand, sipping out of the good life, while you wait for your pot to percolate. But I can honestly say, from limited, yet very solid experience, that it’s worth every last drip.


I ask. You answer.

  1. What are you waiting for?
  2. What good things have come to you after you waited for a long time?

2 thoughts on “Keurig: putting the “instant” in coffee and taking the “hard” out of life

  1. I LOVED THIS!!! It puts life into a great perspective! I am waiting for lots…but I have nooooooo! idea what is coming. But, I do know that good things do happen even though it might seem like eternity.

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