Childhood alive and kicking thanks to Halloween.

Halloween seems to bring something out in everyone.


It comes to life in the month of October – especially October 31st.

As a kid, I wasn’t a HUGE Halloween fan. I mean, I liked it. I dressed up. I trick-or-treated. I carved pumpkins. I roasted pumpkin seeds. I ate candy. I participated in Harvest Festivals. I visited the Halloween Capital of the World. I had what most would deem a “normal” Halloween-upbringing.

But there’s something that happens when you are no longer a child. You miss it. And you miss the purest of pure joy you used to find in holidays. Of course, I still love celebrating special holidays (especially Christmas) with family and friends. I still love the anticipation and the planning. But, oh those childhood days.

This year, thanks to Halloween, I felt like a kid. Again. I geared up for the spooky event by eating fistfulls of my favorite Halloween treat.  The perfect mix of salty and sweet. Candy corn + salty peanuts = Halloween in my mouth.  I have no self control. I visited the Halloween Capital of the World the day before Halloween to grab a delicious treat at Hans’ Bakery (I’d link you to it, but Hans is old school and does not have a website) where I ordered a shameful amount of apple fritters and some other raspberry twisty thing. I have no self control. I read Halloween children’s books. I talked about costumes. I knocked on the door of a haunted house.  I watched Halloween-themed Sunday morning cartoons. I went for an extra long run – a run in which I pushed myself to run faster and farther. Because I have no self control. I answered the door to ghostly kids and a girl dressed as a witch/vampire (it wasn’t super clear what she was…) with fake black teeth. Her quote: “Megan! I don’t usually look like this!” My response: “Oh, you mean you don’t usually have black teeth?” Her reply: “Haha. No!” to which I said: “Better not eat all that candy or you will end up with black teeth!” I watched Extreme Home Makoever and cried with joy and wonder as I watched the OSD (Oregon School for the Deaf) kids light up with happiness over their new dorms and “wicked” haunted house! I ate 3 candy bars. Mini. Not bite-size. Not king-size. Just right.

So, while my Halloween re-cap may be boring and bland, I for one am very pleased with how my Halloween shook out. Because it reminded me of my childhood – of trick-or-treating in the blizzard, of sorting through my candy bags and giving my parents the “gross” things, of cold noses and full, er, sick bellies.

I can’t wait for more Happy Halloweens and other festive holidays that bring out the best in me – the child living in my heart.

I hope they bring out the best in you, too.

* With Halloween behind us, I am officially, unashamedly listening to and downloading Christmas music!


I ask. You answer.

  1. Favorite candy?
  2. Least favorite candy? — the one you handed off to your parents without a fight.
  3. Your best Halloween costume?

2 thoughts on “Childhood alive and kicking thanks to Halloween.

  1. My favorite candy is anything Reeses. YUM!!!!!
    I HATE HATE HATE Mounds candy bars…YUCK!
    My best Halloween costume had to be Raggidy Anne..for sure..tell us about yours please!!
    PS I loved the OSD episode!

    • Oh my goodness! I know, Mounds are awful. Same with Almond Joy! No joy for me when I found those in my bag. I also hated Good and Plenty and found Dots rather pointless.
      My best costume? That’s a toughie. I’d have to say, when I dressed up as a picnic — checkered capris that fit me like pants (they belonged to a girl in my hall ), a red shirt — I taped a paper plate, utensils, and condiments as a place setting on it, put a plastic knife and fork through my pony tail, had a friend draw marching ants on my face with mascara, and carried a picnic-type basket for my trick-or-treat bag. Yes, I went trick-or-treating my sophomore year of college. So sue me.

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