A Friday night reminder

Last night I remembered why I loved college so much. I remembered why it was such a special time in my life. I remembered why it was fun and stressful. Because I was back there. Not at my college. But near it. At a college down the road from my college. I didn’t do much at this neighboring college. Drove through the campus a couple times with my friend who attends. But I felt it. The college feeling. What it’s like to flash your college ID at the gate before entering the campus. What it’s like to drive through a busy campus with students on there way to study groups and movie nights. What it’s like to fight tooth and nail for a prime-o parking slot.

I have been to multiple college campuses since leaving my own – ones I never considered attending – just ones I was visiting to see a friend or two, to volunteer, or for work purposes.  In all honesty, I’ve only returned to my college once or twice in the years since I graduated. Not because I don’t love my campus – it’s beautiful – but it isn’t the same.

The same people don’t attend. The buildings have changed.  I’m no longer a student. I don’t have a reason to run to the library or book a study room. I don’t have a reason to sit on the steps of my favorite building looking out at the view before me. I don’t have a reason to schedule a meeting with a professor. I don’t have a reason to buy textbooks. I don’t have a reason to check my school mail box. I don’t have a reason to grab lunch or walk through the dining hall to say hi to a friend. I don’t have a reason to run back to my dorm between classes. I don’t have a reason to frantically call a friend with study questions. I don’t have a reason to stress out over mid-terms and finals.

I don’t have a reason to do any of those things. Because I used those reasons up. Many years ago.

Last night’s time with my friend, watching her play, driving through her campus, and sipping (who am I kidding? chugging down) Bubble Tea, talking about college and life was a good reminder.

A reminder of where I came from. A reminder of who I am. A reminder of my college days.

Days I miss. Days I can’t re-live. But days I can appreciate.

Whether you’re in college, many years out of college, or about to enter college I hope that my Friday night reminder will be a reminder to you – a reminder to savor your time in college, a reminder to appreciate the times you had in college.


I ask. You answer.

  1. Favorite college memories?
  2. Have you been back to visit your Alma Mater?

2 thoughts on “A Friday night reminder

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