Print it. Read it.

You’ve seen this ad. Well, if you read magazines you’ve seen this ad. I love this ad. Because I read magazines. I love reading words. Printed words on paper.

Magazines have sat in my room, on my floor and in magazine racks since I was a kid. I used to squeal with delight when my American Girl Magazine arrived. I’d flip through to see the newest doll, the newest outfits. In middle school, I remember the exact “girl” magazine I was reading, the exact article on a Minnesota teen athlete, the exact ER waiting room seat I was sitting in waiting to get stitched up. Then in my high school years I switched gears. I subscribed to ESPN the Magazine. Instead of squealing with delight, I’d rip through the Magazine to read about favorite athletes. I distinctly remember where I sat when I read the article on the up and coming “Kid” from Canada.

Currently, I subscribe to zero magazines. I still read them. Lots of them. It’s just that there are too many magazines I want to subscribe to. I can’t choose. Magazines still come to my address. I just received a trial issue of a magazine and liked it more than I thought I would. Maybe I’ll make it a staple in my mailbox.

I’m not big into In Style, Elle, and all those other fashion-filled magazines, but if it’s on a coffee table, I’ll read it. Because it’s a magazine. That said, I’m not a fashionista. Though last I checked, I’m still a girl. I still appreciate fashion. I love when catalogs arrive.  J.Crew. Anthropologie. R.E.I. Pottery Barn. Crate and Barrel. Williams-Sonoma.

Why do I love magazines so much? Because. There’s something special about touching the pages. About the texture of each page. The colors of the photos. The human interest stories. The tips and advice from experts.

Magazines. I don’t want to lose them. I like saving issues. I like sitting in a comfy chair dog earring and marking my favorite pages. Pages I want to read again. Pages I want to share with a friend. Would it be faster to facebook “share” the page? Yea. But I don’t care. I like the original. The tangible. The interactiveness of a printed magazine issue. How you can roll it up to kill a bug or swat someone next to you. The way you can cut up the pictures to make your own (collage). The advertisements for items you never knew you wanted. How you can re-read the magazine and laugh at the old styles and news that was once so new.

So. That’s why I like magazines. That’s why I read them. That’s why I believe in them.

Print it. Read it.



I ask. You answer.

  1. What’s your favorite magazine?
  2. Do you still like the paper version or do you prefer online magazines?
  3. Would you miss printed magazines if our society decided to go paperless?

3 thoughts on “Print it. Read it.

  1. Great post! Funny I did a similar post today titled “Magazine Fiend”. I love all mags and I wouldn’t know what to do with myself if they vanished. I work in the fashion industry so I adore fashion mags such as –LUCKY, NYLON, and Essence to name a few; but I do enjoy reading Psychology Today and Interior Design mags as well.. Check my site to read more if you like!

  2. 1.What’s your favorite magazine? I like Self and Real Simple. Amazingness
    2.Do you still like the paper version or do you prefer online magazines? Paper versions way better. Like you said..there is just something about them that meets certain human needs..hahaha wow that sounds terrible
    3.Would you miss printed magazines if our society decided to go paperless?

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