Thank you for the snail mail

I’m old-fashioned. I like renting DVD’s from Blockbuster. I like notebooks and notepads. I like starting my car without a remote. I like reading the newspaper.

I like writing “Thank You” cards. On stationary. On cute “Thank You” cards from Target. With funky colored pens or just your basic BIC . I like signing my name all swirly.  I like licking the icky tasting seal. I like addressing the envelope and placing my personalized return label and Forever stamp in the top corners.

I like writing “Thank You” cards because I like that I can show gratitude.     I like writing “Thank You” cards because I like that people are generous.       I like writing “Thank You” cards because I like that the post office does not send out “notifications” when someone receives one. It just arrives to simply say, “Thank You.”

I like that I have people, wonderful family and friends, that I can write “Thank You” notes to. If I knew all of your names and all of your addresses, I’d send each and every one of you, my faithful (I hope) readers a hand-written “Thank You” card.

On Saturday night, I had a rather “duh” moment. They are somewhat frequent, so don’t be too alarmed. I was thinking about my day – the day I had just experienced – meeting some new people, seeing some young friends (young because they are younger than me but that’s not the “duh” part), and I was struck by how amazing it all is. How wonderful it is that I can be part of people’s lives. That people come into my life and make me a better person.

And it’s sticks with ya. Because you remember the people who danced into your life and swept you off your feet. The people who sent you birthday gifts and called to say they loved you (who else is singing the Stevie Wonder song right now?). Those wonderful adults and peers who cheered you on in every sport and extracurricular you shined or stunk at. Individuals who were there for your first birthday, day of school, and day behind the wheel. Friends and family who congratulated you on your Kindergarten, high school, and college graduations. Loved ones who supported you in your confirmation and faith journey. These are the people I wish to thank. They are my heroes. Because they took time to be part of my life. I’d send them all a hand-written card. But, and this is a good but, there simply are too many to write. Because there simply are too many wonderful people that have come in and out of my life for the past 25 years.

I hope you can relate. That you have good, solid people in your life. People that have championed your ground-breaking ideas and steered you clear of life’s major disasters, yet, were still there when life’s major disasters struck you down. I hope you have people in your life that are thankful for you. That are glad you burst onto a scene in their life. Because that’s what makes “Thank You” cards so incredible. When you can write one to the people who touched your life. And. When you can write one to the people whose lives you are hopefully touching.

What was my “duh” moment? When I realized that I was thankful for all of these things – “Thank You” cards and people – and couldn’t figure out why I was thinking about thankfulness. I attributed it to the fact that I was having a great day and had seen some sweet friends. And then. Duh. I was thinking about thankfulness because of Thanksgiving. And what a thankful Thanksgiving it is.

“Thank You!”


I ask. You answer.

  1. Favorite Thanksgiving side-dish?
  2. Who do you wish to write a “Thank You” card to?

One thought on “Thank you for the snail mail

  1. HAHAHAHA! This made me laugh…you are too funny Meeeeg.
    My favorite thanksgiving side dish is for sure mashed potatoes…YUMMY!!!!
    As you said..there are way too many people to give thank you cards to. way way way way way too many. Everyone deserves a thanks for doing something in my life, and in others lives for that matter! I enjoyed this one thanks!!!!!! 🙂

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