One year.

The first year is marked with many firsts. In my first year of blogging, I’ve had a lot of firsts.    I didn’t expect some of them. Some of the hard ones. Like when I didn’t know what to write. Or when I didn’t write what I should write. Or when I wrote what I shouldn’t write.

Nevertheless, I wrote things. On here. This blog. For you to read.

And I can’t believe a whole year has passed since I sat on my stability ball at my desk (which I no longer posses) and opened my first blog site at blogspot. I remember being nervous. About sharing my thoughts, my inner feelings. Wondering whether people would enjoy my quirky words and clumsy thoughts. And for the most part, I think you have enjoyed them. I think.

One year. I’m still here. You’re still here.

For me, birthdays are a time to remember and reflect on the previous year(s) and look forward to the next. That’s what I’m doing. With my blog. I’m thankfully remembering all of my moments on here. And if you ask me, I’ve had some pretty good moments. Some fairly decent posts for a newborn.

So. Enjoy my birthday. Relish in my first-year moments.

Thanks for coming to my party.

15. More country music, please?

14. Turned my style OFF

13. Exciting life?!

12. Sunday Drive

11. Breaking the rules

10. life is like the Stanley Cup Playoffs…

9. 15 Minutes of Fame

8. Ice Creamy Conversations

7. The movie I was once obsessed with

6. She cared

5. A time for leaving

4. Go Fish

3. Sleepover Syndrome

2. A Friday night reminder

1. Before there were silly bands…

* By default, the last post, which is actually number one, made the list because it made the Freshly Pressed page on the date it was posted. That may just have been my biggest first year moment as a blogger. Certainly has received the most hits of all my posts.

Thanks for reading it. Thanks for caring about friendships.


I ask. You answer.

  1. What’s your favorite post from my first year as a blogger?

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