All I want for Christmas…[warning: completely and utterly materialistc post]

Christmas lists. I don’t remember writing them as a kid. Not to Santa at least. For someone with an active, and that’s putting it lightly, imagination, I never believed in silly childhood characters like Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, or Cupid. I had no interest in them. Most likely I spoiled all of those magical myths for all of my friends who actually believed in them. Safe to say, I never wrote to Santa. I never received gifts from “Santa.” I told my parents what I wanted. They bought it. Or didn’t.

My Christmas list for this year has already been submitted to my parents. They asked for it. I gave it to them. But this list, this bloggy Christmas list is for fun. Pure “childhood” fun. I guess you could say it’s my list to Santa. Filled with materialistic and utterly selfish dream-items and ho-ho-ho-most-likely-never-gonna-happen gifts.

Sea Bags Large Red Claw Tote $150.00


Ralph Lauren Create Your Own Skinny-Fit Flag Polo $125.00

Moleskine Passion Book Series (Limited Edition) Book Journal $19.95

Le Creuset 11-piece cookware set $1,310.00

Lexus LX (starting at) $77, 755

There you have it. My list of ridiculous items.

(I was trying to keep this post light and fluffy, but had to throw in this disclaimer!) * These are items that will never make it on my real list because there are too many better ways to spend money and help those less fortunate.


  1. What’s on your dream list?

One thought on “All I want for Christmas…[warning: completely and utterly materialistc post]

  1. I haven’t thought about my dream list this year..maybe will do that today at work! 🙂 ps..why do you want a MOLESKIN journal?

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