Everything looks better with Christmas lights

Snow is a given when you live in the state of Minnesota. Winter lasts longer than what I consider to be worthy of a wonderland. The wonder wears off by January 1. But from Thanksgiving to Christmas, the snow is bearable. Beautiful. Only because of the lights.

Ordinary houses transform from boring to bold. Regular old living rooms glow with comfort and joy. Coniferous evergreens go from green to grand.

Everyday Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays spent watching various Versus NHL games and highlights and Gopher broadcasts are more than just regular-season games; they become exciting winter classics.

And I change. Whenever the lights are on, whenever I flip the switches and plug in the cords, I feel it. The magic of the season.

Everything looks better with Christmas lights.


I ask. You answer.

  1. Colored lights or white lights?
  2. Big bulbs or small?
  3. Do you think Christmas lights should be used all-year-round?

One thought on “Everything looks better with Christmas lights

  1. 1.Colored lights or white lights?
    It depends..I do not like the multi colored lights, but sometimes blue can be ok, but I prefer white.
    2.Big bulbs or small? This is a toss up too..I kinda like the “old fashioned” big bulbs outlined on the outside of houses…
    3.Do you think Christmas lights should be used all-year-round?
    Yes I do, only because some people decorate with them for holidays like Valentines day and the Fourth..and St. Patty’s Day..


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